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Saturday, 17 October 2015

The Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orch...320 Kbps

 Change of mood now ! ....all the "Classical" L/P's that I have posted all have well known Melodies that everybody I reckon will recognize... this one is no exception It has "The Can Can"..."Barcarolle"and a couple more that I am sure most people will know....There was hardly any gaps in the tracks so I had to record it as Track 1 Side 1.. and Track 2 Side 2...Hope you give it a chance and download it...No "Highbrow" Music on this "Blog" !!!

1. Side One
2. Side Two 


Robert Young

Another one from across the channel a singer that is in the "Mario Lanza" mode.....Its a pity on this L/P that he sings some of "Mario's" Songs that are associated with him because you cant help but make a comparison and although "Robert" has a great voice he unfortunately comes a close second !!...Saying that if you can put the "Lanza" voice to bed then this is a great selection of songs !!!

YMA SUMAC in Hollywood, 1964 Inca Love Song & Earthquake (Tumpa) complete

Lena Martell

Surprise!! Surprise!!...I really enjoyed this one ..Thanks to "Bob"....But I do love a "Live" performance you can't hide anything.... no little man in the booth messing about with the knobs covering up your "Bum" notes !!!...Can't see any date on the sleeve so don't know what year it could be...maybe someone out there could enlighten us !!...certainly the audience are appreciative and are enjoying themselves....Pity there is no info on the sleeve about "Lena" I believe that she is Scottish (I Think) doubt if she's not someone will correct me and perhaps fill in the gaps !!!.....Sorry seemed to have lost track 7/8 on side one !!!


Engelbert Humperdinck...320 Kbps

Talking of "Engelbert" here he is in person !!...also from the 60's with a selection of songs including one of his hits !! Title track of course !!...and I'll leave it at that and let the info on the back sleeve fill in the gaps!!!!

1. The Last Waltz
2. Dance With Me
3. Two Different Worlds
4. If It Comes To That
5. Walk hand In hand
6. A Place In The Sun 

1. Long Gone
2. All This World And The Seven Seas
3. Miss Eliane E S Jones
4. Everybody Knows
5. Nature Boy
6. To The Ends Of The Earth


Friday, 16 October 2015

VA..Golden Songs 2...320 Kbps

Another "Blast From The Past" with the Original Artists from the 60's....I'm sure this one will evoke some happy memories for a lot of people !!
Just an after thought !!..does'nt the last track "She Wears My Ring" sound like "Engelbert" !!!

1. Moon River...Danny Williams
2. The Wayward Wind...Frank Ifield
3. Walkin' Back To Happiness...Helen Shapiro
4. Speak Softly Love...Matt Monro 
5. Here There And Everywhere...Vince Hill
6. Stranfer On The Shore...Acker Bilk

1. The Carnival Is Over...The Seekers
2. Careless Hands...Des O'Conner
3. With These hands...Shirley Bassey
4. Stairway Of Love...Michael Holiday
5. Still...Ken Dodd
6. She Wears My Ring...Soloman King 


Robert Goulet...320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested By Larry


On the last RG post I said I was waiting for that knockout track !!!...well here it is on this L/P namely "She Touched Me"...its a Gud Un !!....he still sings every track as though he was on stage in a "Musical"....which I supose is Ok being thats the name of the L/P.....Guess I Am warming to his voice !!...must admit its a good one !!

 1. On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
2. Hello Dolly
3. Sunrise Sunset
4. Look For Small Pleasures
5. Dear Love
6. Who Can I Turn To

1. She Touched Me
2. Night Song
3. People
4. Long Ago
5. If I Ruled The World
6. Come Back To Me

Thursday, 15 October 2015


Seems like "MEGA" has done something to stop the links from working !!..if anybody has found a solution to make it work I'm all ears !!!