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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Pali Gesztros

Ok now for a change of mood and pace and a "Bonus"...some gypsy violin music which I like very much some of the tracks are recognisable tunes....Very Relaxing at the begining...then "Whoosh" away it goes...then back again !!!... But we have a stowaway on Track One from "Star Wars" !!!

Dennis Weaver

Here's a surprise from Beguim !!...and keeping in the "Country & Western" Mode...we have "Mr Easy Rider"singing some songs that are not very well known...To me that is !!
Recorded In "Nashville" In 1977...

1. Devil In My Arms
2. Make Love To Life
3. Airports
4. Flat Bed Truck
5. Uncle Lem

1. When I Come Home To You
2. Me And My Friend Jesus
3. You Get Better With Time
4. Speed Trap
5. Walkin' Through The Yellow Meadow
6. I No Longer Need Your Love


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Johnny Cash...320 Kbps

Now we have "The Man In Black"himself doing some"All Time Great's" !!!.Hu !! What!
But there are some catchy songs in this one with not many 123's !!

1. I Still Miss Someone
2. Pickin' Time
3. My Shoes keep Walking Back To You
4. I Want To Go Home
5. I Feel Better All Over

1. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
2. Supper Time
3. In Them Old Cotton Fields back Home
4. Delia's Gone
5. One More Ride

1. Accidentilly On Purpose
2. In The Jailhouse Now
3. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know
4. Casey Jones
5. Frankie's Man Johnny 

1. The Legend Of John Henry's Hammer
2. When Papa Played The Dobro
3. Busted
4. Sing It Pretty Sue
5. Waiting For A Train

Tammy Wynette...320 Kbps

From the "Gunfighter Classics" to "Country Classics"so the record company's inform us which is stretching it a bit as usual !!!....Think that somebody was trying to play this one with a knitting needle !!!! some point !!!

1. Stand By Your Man
2. No Charge
3. Almost Persuaded
4. I Don't Wanna Play House
5. Help Me Make It Through The Night
6. I Can Still Believe In You
7. You Good Girls Gonna Go Bad
8. Another Lonely Song
9. Kids Say The Darndest Things
10. My Man Understands

1. D.I.V.O.R.C.E
2.Til' I Can make It On My Own
3. Ode To Billy Joe
4. Woman To Woman
5. We Loved It Away
6. You Make Me want To Be A Mother
7. Genle On My Mind
8. Take Me To Your World
9. Reach Out Your Hand
10. My Elusive Dreams 


Marty Robbins...320 Kbps

Yea Ha !!...away we go now with some CW songs with the inevitable 123...123..tempo !!!

1. Big Iron
2. Cool Water
3. Billy The Kid
4. A Humdred And Sixty Acres
5. They're Hanging Me Tonight
6. The Strawberry Roan

1. El Paso
2. In The Valley
3. The Masters Call
4. Running Gun
5. The Little Green Valley
6. Utah Carol


Werner Muller & Orchestra..320 Kbps

 A very good "Big Band Sound"sound to this collection of Latin styled tracks...and in "Phase 4 Stereo" !!

P.S. Change of style and pace from the last two posts !!


1. Delicado
2. Light My Fire
3. The Girl From Ipanema 
4. Perfidia
5. Eso Es El Amor
6. Mambo Jambo

1. Mas 'Que Nada
2. El Cumbanchero
3. Solmente Lina Vez
4. Cumana
5. Amor Amor
6. A Banda


3 Baritons.

So we had the 3 Tenors and now we have the 3 Baritones via "The Channel Ferry " !!! Bob from Belgium of course !!!....Can't say I've heard of them but this selection of classic songs will hit the spot for the classic lovers that are looking in !!!