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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Sacha Distel...320 Kbps

Ooops ! seems we are back on the track of the compilations !!!....Soooo here is that French Guy who co-wrote "The Good Life" singing a selection of  well known hit songs including the one he wrote !! I have said many times before all singers who sing well known songs and standards should put there own stamp on it and do something different with the arrangement's and style... "Sacha" has the saving grace of a "French" accent so I suppose you could say it's different !!!..But unfortunatly no surprises !!!...This one has some jumps...Sorry !!

1. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
2. Can't Take My Eyes Of f You
3. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
4. As Time Goes By
5. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
6. A Man And A Woman 
7. They Long To Be Close To You
8. Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak tree
9. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life
10. To Wait For Love

1. The Good Life
2. With A Little Help From My Friends
3. This Guy's In Love With You
4. What Now My Love
5. Beyond The Sea
6. My Cherie Amour
7. It's Impossible
8. Playground In My Mind
9. Autumn Leaves
10. I Wish You Love


Acker Bilk

So now we have a change supplied by "Bob" from "Belgium"....That cool cool cool sound of the clarinet from the master of that instrument !!!..with some great Hit sounds !

Perry Como...320 Kbps

Seems that we are stuck on "Compilations" at the moment so here is another one !!...Mr Laid Back himself singing a couple of his hits then filled out with a couple of standard songs ending with not so familiar songs !!....All sung as only Mr PC can do !!!...Horizontally !!!

1. Kiss Me Kiss Me And Kiss Me
2. Here's To My Lady
3. You'll Always Be My Lifetime Sweetheart
4. Carolina Moon
5. Somebody Loves Me

1. Juke Box Baby
2. Mandolins In The Moonlight
3. I Know
4. The Island Of Forgotten Lovers
5. That Old Gang Of Mine


Johnny Mathis...320 Kbps

Another compilation made up of tracks from "JM"s previous L/P's...20 tracks in all so I guess this one is good value considering that the average tracks on a studio recorded L/P is usually only about 12 to 14 tracks....all tracks are A1...BUT  "Song Of Joy" should have been left on the recording studio floor !!!...IMHO !!!...AND it includes one of my favourite "JM" tracks 
"Side 2 Track 9"....pure magic !!!

1. Don't Give Up On Us
2. Goodbye To Love
3. Gone Gone Gone
4. Midnight Blue
5. Solitaire
6. The Hungry Years
7. Alone Again Naturally
8. Too Much Too Little To Late...with Deniece Williams
9. Without You
10. Its Too Late

1. Laughter In The Rain
2. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
3. Everything Is Beautiful
4. The Most Beautiful Girl
5. You Light Up My Life

6. Just The Way You Are...with Deniece Williams
7. And I Love You So
8. Song Of Joy
9. Life Is A song Worth Living
10. Betcha Golly Wow  


Shirley Bassey...320 Kbps

Here's a very young "Shirl" recording and it evokes great memories for me from the late 50's seeing her at the start of her career at our local "Variety" Venue "The Palace" which unfortunately is now no longer there in its place is "Argos" and a Car Park !!!...I wish we had the Conservationists that we have now, in the 50's I'm sure that a lot of the great buildings that The "Council" in their wisdom got demolished would still be with us !!!...Ok Rant over back to "Dame Shirl" I would guess that these recordings would be some of the first that she recorded on the "Phillips" Label including her Hit "As I Love You "....Her Voice is now completely different owing to a throat operation later on and also with age the voice does change even those who can't sing like me !!!

1. Burn my Candle
2. Night And Day
3. Crazy Rhythm
4. The Banana Boat Song
5. Love For Sale
6. From This Moment On

1. Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss me
2. You You Romeo
3. My Funny Valentine
4. How About You
5. Fire Down Below
As I Love You

Jack Jones..320 Kbps

Not had any JJ in a while so here's a compilation of tracks that seem to be taken at random from his previous L/P's...not much to say about this one I've said it all before in previous I'll leave it to the back of the L/P to do just that !!!

1. Without Her
2. The Look Of Love
3. Don't Talk To Me
4. You And The Night And The Music
5. I Can't Get Started
6. Homeward Bound

1. Live For Life
2. Hushed Whispers
3. Isn't It Romantic
4. Mean To Me
5. For all We Know
6. Goin' Out Of My Head