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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Pearl Bailey..320 Kbps


 Now here is a surprise to me that is !... I didn't realise that Pearl had such a good singing voice the other L/P that I have posted of her she more or less talks the songs but this one is a wow!!..she still does her talking on a couple of songs but on the whole its a good set of songs and I don't think I have heard a better version of "Here's That Rainy Day" !!

P.S. This one definatly gets the "Luigi's" seal of approval....anyone who likes classy female singers perfect diction and great arrangments this one is a must !!!

1. Here's That Rainy Day
2. They Long To Be Close To You
3. A House is Not a Home
4. If You Go Away
5. Watch What Happens

1. Supper Time
2. Its Impossible
3. This Is All I Ask
4. I Never Met A Stranger
5. Mama A Rainbow


Thursday, 10 December 2015

Louis Clark And The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.320 Kbps


Even tho' the constant beat does go on a bit this 2nd L/P from Louis Clark & the Philly Orch is still good and some very recognisable tunes are still there !! "A Night At The Opera" is a Good Un!!!!

1. Can't Stop The Classics
2. Hooked On America
3. Hooked On Romance (Part Two)
4. Can't Stop The Classics (Part Two)

1. A Night At The Opera
2. Tales Of The Vienna Waltz
3. Hooked On Baroque
4. If You Knew Sousa
5. If You Knew Sousa (And Friends) 

V.A. Fingers Off

I should imagine that this compilation was a sales gimmick from the "Levi's Jeans" company...No relivant details on the back....a couple of well known hits padded out with lesser known tracks....Can't see the connection on the front cover to anything....Ok maybe it means fingers off the "Levi Strauss" button !!!....I wonder if it came with every pair of Jeans that you bought in 1982 !!!

1. Golden Brown...The Stranglers
2. Dance Away...Roxy Music
3. Flashback...Imagination
4. Visions Of China...Japan
5. Eighth Day...Hazel O'Connor
6. Street Life...Crusaders
7. Young Parisians...Adam And The Ants

1. Girls On Film...Duran Duran
2. Intuition...Linx
3. I Am The Beat...The Look
4. Turning Japanese...Vapors
5. Special Brew...Bad Manners
6. Guilty...Classix Nouveaux
7. Joan Of Arc...O.M.D


Paul Nicholas..320 Kbps

Surprisingly this is a good L/P and although it consists of well known standard songs that have been done by countless number of singers and the arrangements do not stray to far from the originals Paul's voice has that "Not quite singing" "Not quite talking " Voice that suits this selection of songs !!...I enjoyed it !!!

1. Just Good Friends
2. You Don't Bring Me Flowers
3. I'm Not In Love
4. Air That I Breathe
5. Made It Thru The Rain
6. You Light Up My Life

1. Sometimes When We Touch
2. If Yopu Leave Me Now
3. Always A Woman To Me 
4. Lady In Red
5. All Because Of Love
6. Fool If You Think Its Over 
7. Don't Wanna Go Home Alone


Foreigner..320 Kbps

We are now going time hopping again courtesy of my sister "Rina" this time to the Eighties
 !!.there is going to be quite a few from her so its going to be a mixed lot from now on reflecting her musical I might be a bit sparse on the description's....feel free to comment on them !!!

1. Tooth And Nail
2. That Was Yesterday
3. I Want To Know What Love Is 
4. Growing Up The Hard Way
5. Reaction To Action

1. Stranger In My Own House 
2. A Love In Vain
3. Down On Love
4. Two Different Worlds 
5. She's Too Tough 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Re-Posts & Re-Recordings !!

Hi Folks !!...just a little reminder about Re-Posts...although most of the posts that are not available on "Zippyshare" because nobody has downloaded them for 30 days...all the posts that also have been posted to "Mega" as far as I  know will still be on there...."Mega" doesn't seem to have a time limit on the files...This should interest "Dirk Bill"....I will eventualy Re-Post and Re-Record all those that are missing....Cos' new computer ! new hardware ! new software ! and new stylus !!!.....Keep Smiling Folks !!!