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Monday, 4 January 2016

The Caterina Valente Singers.320 Kbps


 When this L/P first came out some of the tracks were played on the radio and I heard them and thought that it sounded like Caterina but didn't hear the DJ on the radio say who it I recon that my ears must have been attuned to her voice it was quite a while till the penny dropped and realised that it was her.....True they have pinched "The Swingle Singers" style and sound plus a little bit Of "The Kirby Stone Four" and not forgetting "Ray Conniff" but they have done a jolly good job of it!!!

 If anybody out there has a "Stereo" version of this L/P VINYL ! (Not a CD Version) be great to have it....we have 5 voices that sound like about a lot more owing to that man on the "Console" who is fiddling about with the sliders & knobs !!!....and you can definatly pick out "Caterina" amongst them....a great set of standard songs with brilliant arrangments by "Johnny Keating"...wish she had done some more L/P's featuring the singers....More info on the back cover makes an interesting read !!

1. Dominque
2. Desafinado
3. I Want To Hold Your Hand
4. Moon River
5. Cuando Calienta Del Sol
6. Swing Low Sweet Chariot

1. Stardust
2. Baubles Bangles And Beads 
3. Maria
4. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
5. Cheerio
6. Midnight In Moscow 


Ry Cooder.320 Kbps

 This is a fantastic L/P...I didn't think that I would like it when I first heard it at a friend's house....every track is a good one completly new songs and well worth the download time !!  

1. 634-5789
2. Speedo
3. Why Don't You Try Me
4. Down In The Boondocks
5. Johnny Porter

1. The Way We Make A Broken heart 
2. Crazy Bout' An Automobile
3. The Girls from Texas
4. Borderline
5. Never make Your Move To Soon

Vince Hill.320 Kbps

 Now here we have a very good English singer from the 60's/70's singing well known songs from the 70's....he does a brilliant job and his voice is great..BUT the arrangments are very much like the originals which makes you do a comparison and most of the time the originals always wins !!...which is a pity because he has a good voice and I'm sure that if the arrangements where a bit different my views would be too !!!...BUT don't be put off by my ramblings have a listen to it and make your own mind up !!!!

 1. And I Love You So
2. Without You
3. If
4. Diary
5. Song Sung Blue
6. Your Song

1. Vincent
2. Play Me
3. Imagine
4. Hurting Each Other
5. Until Its Time For You To Go

Roxy Music.320 Kbps

Okay now we have a change of pace and style !!...not right up to this present moment but its getting there !! 1980 to be precise !!! only 36 years to go !!! "Roxy Music" at the begining before "Bryan Ferry"found his voice !!....Great recording of "The Midnight Hour" and of course "Over You"!!

1. The Midnight Hour
2. Oh Yeah
3. Same Old Scene
4. Flesh And Blood
5. My Only Love

1. Over You
2. Eight Miles High
3. Rain Rain Rain
4. No Strange Delight
5. Running Wild


Judy Garland

I am guessing that these 8 tracks are taken from "Judy's" Television shows and she sings them as only she can...some bits of her TV Shows are on "YouTube" like the one below it could be the one featured on this L/P.....her voice on this is A1 and in perfect order !!!......Thanks "Bob" !!


Judy Garland Smile

Claudia Sylva

Here's one for all the "Continental" looker's in !!!...from "Bob" of course and a good set of catchy tunes reminiscing of the 60's & 70's via "Petula Clark" ect !!!

The Geoff Love Singers.320 Kbps

Here's Vol 2 of the Record company's idea of  what we might think are our "Favourite Love Songs"....That's very nice of them !!!!....Pleasant sounding and one for having in the background at a "Soiree" !!!!!

1. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
2. My Cherie Amour
3. I've got You Under My Skin
4. More
5. Unchained Melody
6. You Are The Sunshine Of my Life
7. Love Story

1. What'll I Do
2. All My Loving
3. Something
4 True Love
5. There I've Said It Again
6. Falling In Love Again
7. The Way We Were


Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass.320 Kbps

Here we have 12 tracks... and on the back cover 12 pictures of "Herb's"L/P's...So I think I would be safe to say that we have a compilation of a track from each of those....definatly some of his early work !!..complete with "Bull Ring" sound and Chorus !!!

1. America
2. The Lonely Bull
3. A Quiet Tear
4. Tijuana Sauerkraut
5. Never On a Sunday
6. Acupulco 1922

1. Spanish Harlem
2. Green Leaves Of Summer
3. More
4. Milord
5. The Great Manolete
6. Winds Of Barcelona 


Sunday, 3 January 2016

40 Supergreats.320 Kbps we go to the first post of 2016.....A great "Super" Compilation of 40 Tracks from the 70's....Its great to hear some of the minor Top hits of yesteryear !! as well as the popular ones ....Notably  "Susan Cadogan's" "Hurt So Good" & "Stealers Wheel" "Stuck In The Middle"
So come with me for a walk down "Memory Lane "!!!

Happy New Year !!

Hi Everybody....All the best to everyone in 2016 !!...Thanks to all those who wished me a "Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year" we go into 2016 !!!