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Monday, 1 February 2016

Vince Hill..320 Kbps

A good collection of songs sung by "Vince" who as I have said before was a very underrated singer and should have had more hits than he did....He is still with us but has now retired from singing and is living with his family in "Oxfordshire"

1. The Way I Am
2. The Hungry Years
3. Don't let Me Know
4. Loving Arms
5. You Don't Bring Me Flowers
6. When You Walk Through Life 
7. Sometimes When We Touch

1. While The Feelings Good
2. Just When I Needed You Most
3. Country Rose
4. Three Times A Lady
5. Ordinary People
6. Better Than Ever

Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme...320 Kbps


 Two great voices that blend together perfectly and a great selection of songs...Eydie will definatly be missed by the thousands!!!!

1. We Got Us
2. Side By Side
3. No Two People
4. Darn It Baby That's Love
5. Flattery

1. This Could Be The Start Of Something Big
2. I Remember It Well
3. Baby Its Cold Outside
4. Two Lost Souls
5. Harmony
6. Cheek To Cheek

Stanley Black & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

If you are dozing in "The Land Of Nod" with the last post...then "WAKEY WAKEY" and get your "Spectacular" dancing shoes on and have a "Whirl" we are stil in "Belguim" courtesy of "Bob"so plenty of time to dance the night away till the journey across the channel gets you home !!!


Sunday, 31 January 2016

Johnny Mathis

This collection of JM comes via "Belgium Bob"...tracks taken from previous L/P releases !!

Jeri Southern...320 Kbps

 What a cool lady this is....Glad that she has done some lesser known "Cole Porter" songs....It's an entirely different Arrangements/Vocals than the "Ella" version of "The Cole Porter Songbook" which no doubt many people including me would and did try and compare it to....There is no comparison it stands on its own merit...Best track is track 1..."Don't Look At Me That Way"..........Definatley a first class "Underrated Singer" have a listen and be amazed !!!

 1. Don't Look At Me That way
2. Get Out Of Town
3. Looking At You
4. It's Alright With Me
5. Let's Fly Away

1. You're The Top
2. After You
3. Which
4. I Concentrate On You
5. It's Bad For Me
6. Weren't We Fools


A Man And A Woman...320 Kbps

This L/P is not a soundtrack but just music from the film....There are vocals on most of the tracks but they are not credited and they are sung in French !...So another treat for everybody who decides to "Pop" in and have a look from "France"...."Merci" !!!!

P.S. Don't know what they are on about with the last track on the second side "124 Miles An Hour" me its just "A Man And A Woman"....maybe "Google Translate" let them down !!!

Sunburn (Film).320Kbps

It says on the front cover "Blazing Disco Hits" Hmmm ! the marketing people must have had a couple of "Shots" before starting work !!...To me its just some hits from the 70's / 80's....and its great to hear them again ...didn't realise track 10 on the first side was called "Romeo's Tune" and great to hear "Janis Ian's"hit.....Tracks  9 - 10 - 11 Side 2 are as one.....Can't say I remember seeing the film !!

1. Sunburn...Graham Gouldman
2. Lady Lynda...The Beach Boys
3. The Things We Do For Love...10 CC
4. Fly To High...Janis Ian
5. I Found Love...Barry White
6. I Don't Wanna Lose You...Kandidate
7. Are You Ready...Billy Ocean
8. One Night Tan...Heatwave
9. You Bet Your Love...Herbie Hancock
10. Romeo's Tune...Steve Forbert

1. I'm Mandy Fly Me...10 CC
2. Happy Radio...Edwin Starr
3. Begin The Beguine...Johnny Mathis
4.  I Just Want To Be With You...Gladys Knight
5. Born To be Alive...Patrick Hernandez
6. If I Said You had A Beautiful Body...The Bellamy Brothers 
7. Its my House...Storm
8. This Night We Fell...Heatwave
9. Shake It Baby Love...John Ferrara
10. Le Jardin...Sundancers
11. Love Attack...John Ferrara
12. Sunburn Theme...John Cameron