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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Missing Links Are Now Found !!!!....Apologies to the "Neanderthal's !!!!!

John Hanson..320 Kbps

I think we maybe now have a name for our concert goer as shown on the back of this L/P !! "Jayne" !!
John Hanson was a "Tenor" starring in "West End Shows" in the  50's & 60' "The Desert Song" and also recorded "Operetta's" like "The Student Prince" & "The Vagabond King" here he is doing a "Favourites" which includes some hit songs as well as songs from those operetta's !!

1. The Impossible Dream
2. True Love
3. Holy City
4. Where Do I Begin
5. Climb Every Mountain
6. Golden Days

1. The Donkey Serenade
2. Somewhere My Love
3. And I Love You So
4. Gigi
5. One Alone
6. My Way


1991 Neil Diamond duets with Des O'Connor

The Bee Gee's..320 Kbps


 The Bee Gees in full flow with "Barry" doing all the "falsetto" in true BG's Fashion !!
including the original "Tragedy" !!!

1. Tragedy
2. Too Much Heaven
3. Love You Inside Out
4. Reaching Out
5. Spirits Having Flown

1. Search Find
2. Stop Think Again
3. Living Together
4. I'm Satisfied
5. Until 

THE BEE GEES - 1979 - "Tragedy" - 2012 Video Edit


We are still in "Beguim" with Bob listening to a first class "Tenor" that needs no introduction singing some very well known classic songs....So enjoy this moment before we go to the land of the "Falsetto" !!!


Caterina Valente..320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested By Andyzi

This was probably the last English L/P release of Caterina's it was recorded in 1975 when she was still married to "Roy Budd"and he has produced was recorded in England and once again it's a typical 70's sound and 70's as so many L/P's before... the "Now" is 1975 not 2012 !!!....She does a good job on the tracks but nothing that you could say was "great"best song for me is the last track "I Wont Last A Day "

P.S. Couldn't find a video for any of the tracks so below is one of my favourite Video's... Hope you like it !!

 1. True Love
2. Laughter In The Rain
3. September Is a Long Time Gone
4. Love Music
5. What I Did For Love
6. Falling In Love With The Wind

1. Be My Love
2. Feelin' Groovy
3. Love Will Come Again
4. Put A Little Love Away
5. Love Said Goodbye
6. I Won't Last A Day


Friday, 12 February 2016

Ella Fitzgerald, Caterina Valente, Perry Como

Peter Starstedt..320 Kbps

The Hit song is the title of this L/P must have been an Advertisers Dream !!...because it mentions just about everything and everybody....Its a simple melody repeated over and over again but its works and a hit song is born !!...and the lyrics are great and makes perfect sense !!
The video is great too....I wonder if the hair style and moustache's will ever come back !!!
When I first saw this L/P I thought that I only knew the Title track but I was surprised how many of the other tracks I knew "Take Of Your Clothes" was a bit risque for the late 60's 1969 to be presise....And I remembered "Frozen Orange Juice"

1. Where Do You Go To My Lovely
2. Sons Of Cain Are Able
3. Boulevard
4. Every Word You Say Is Written Down
5. Time Was Leading us Home
6. Take Of Your Clothes

1. Frozen Orange Juice
2. I Am A Cathederal
3. Once Upon An Everyday
4. As Though It Were A Movie
5. You're A Lady
6. Without Darkness There Is No Light


Peter Sarstedt - Where Do You Go To My Lovely (1969)

Louisa Jane White..320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested By Anonymous

 Could anybody out there tell me what happened to this excellent singer...I first heard her on the radio in the 70's she has a distinctive voice and I thought that with a good management and good luck she would have made it big time....I have "Googled" her but can't find out much...she sang a song for "Song For Europe" called "Take The Money And Run"and released it with a couple of other songs but it seems that this is the only L/P that she made which is a pity because it's quite a good one....She has a video on "Utube" of "Take The Money" which I have tried to put on this Blog but it won't seem to let me do it..despite following loads of different instructions from different sources....I wish that computer instructions were more user friendly....getting back to the L/P it's definitely worth having a track is the first one Um.Um.Um. Um Um......Enjoy a new singer from the 70's..

P.S. as you can see from the video below I did manage to "suss" the way to put Video's on this blog !!.....I would still be interested if anybody has any information about "Louisa" just my curiosity to find if she is still performing at all.....Information on the "Net" is a bit sparse....I know that she has a daughter that does sing and performs at "Gigs" around the country but not much info about Louisa !!

1. Um Um Um Um Um Um
2. Children
3. Say Mister Moon
4. The Time To Say Goodbye
5. It Don't Matter To Me
6. If You Need A Friend

1. It's An Ill Wind
2. Old Fashioned Love Song
3. Hang On To A Dream
4. Lo And Behold
5. The Seasons Song
6. Jerusalem

Louisa Jane White, Take The Money And Run

Tommy Steele..320 Kbps

The "Festival" is in "Torbay" so Tommy informs us at the begining of his performance don't know what year it is there is no year on the cover or on the L/P...Maybe someone out there in Torbay could tell us !!!.....This is a great concert and shows how Tommy evolved from a "Rock & Roll" singer into an Entertainer......I remember seeing him in the 50's in Gloucester when I was in the army....he was heckled quite a bit with folks shouting out Elvis !! Elvis!!....Found the video below which is also great !!!....Seems like the concert goer has gone and got another signing !!

1. Tommy Baby
2. I'm a Song
3. Handful Of Songs
4. Flash Bang Wallop
5. Bridge Over Troubled Waters
6. Little White Bull
7. Rock On
8. Johnny Be Good

1. Sweet Caroline
2. Rock With The Caveman
3. Nairobi
4. Water Water
5. Butterfingers
6. Singing The Blues
7. Hey Jude
8. Maybe Its Because I'm a Londoner



Tommy Steele -'Bridge Over Troubled Water' -1979

Monday, 8 February 2016

Rod Stewart..320 Kbps

I think that this L/P must have been one of my sisters favourite ones because it is very scratchy but a least it doesn't jump !!...except the music of course !!...interesting track is "That's Alright" because at the end we have "Amazing Grace" !!!

1. Every Picture Tells A Story
2. Seems Like A Long Time 
3. That's Alright
4. Tomorrow Is A Long Time 

1. Maggie May
2. Mandolin Wind
3. I Know I'm Losing You
4. Reason To Believe

Eydie Gorme...320 Kbps

 Here is another Eydie Gorme release...Originally it was called "Love Is A Season".....but for some reason WRC decided to change it !!...BUT the back sleeve is for "Love Is A Season"...strange aint' it.....I don't think that Eydie has made a bad L/P or even an indifferent one she just belts them out and sings with feeling on all the slow songs one of our best singers since she started !!

 1. Love Is A Season
2. April Showers
3. The Things We Did Last Summer
4. On The First Warm Day
5. When The Wind Was Green
6. Winter Night

1. Easter Parade
2. Spring Will Be A Little Late This year
3. September Song
4. I'll Remember April
5. 'Tis Autumn
6. June In January

Gladys Knight & The Pips...320 Kbps

Here's an L/P that does live up to it's "Title" !!!..definatly a good "Best Of" including the great "Live" recording of "The Way We Were / Try To Remember !!

1. Make Yours A Happy Home
2. Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me
3. I Feel A Song In My Heart
4. Part Time Love
5. The Going Up's And The Comming Downs
6. Midnight Train To Georgia

1. On And On
2. Where Peaceful Waters Flow 
3. I've Got To Use My Imagination
4. I Can See Clearly Now
5. The Way We Were / Try To Remember


Des O'Connor...320Kbps

Des does a great job with the title song on this L/P it stands up with the best of singers that has tackled it !!.....the more I hear his voice the better I like it !!...forget what the other comedians have said and give him a listen maybe you will be surprised !!!....Love his "clipped pronunciation" on "I Won't Dance" give it that 20's feel !!

1. What I Did For Love
2. Each Day's A Holiday 
3. What'll I Do
4. That's Why I Love Her
5. I Won't Dance

1. Remember
2. I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Any More 
3. The Folks Who Live On The Hill
4. Faded Words
5. I Write The Songs

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Rondo Veneziano

I realy don't know much about this L/P...It Says on the cover "Top Hit In Italy" I wonder if it was a hit in England !!...Maybe year 2000 was the year I was asleep !!!...But I definatly like the music "Symphonic " with a beat !!!


Robert Young

A good selection of songs from a singer that should have got more recognition that he got...If you have not heard of him then give this a listen !!

The Strauss Family

Now a couple from over the channel...This is the music from a TV Series not sure what year it was can't see any date on the covers....If  you like "Strauss" Music then this double L/P should satisfy and have you Waltzing across the Room up the Stairs in the Garden Ect !!!


Millie Jackson...320 Kbps

  Change of pace and style now Sooooooooo I had better warn you that this one is a bit on the raunchy side so all you that have delicate ears put the ears plugs in for the tracks "Blufunkes" and "Mess On Your Hands"....Millie has a great voice and its a great L/P...  so have a listen !!

1. Blufunkes
2. Special Occasion
3. I Don't Want To Cry
4. We're Gonna Make It

1. Hard Times
2. The Blues Don't Get Tired Of Me
3. Mess On Your Hands
    Finger Rap
    Mess On Your Hands (Reprise)
    Finger Rap (Reprise)
4. Feel Love Coming On  

Danny La Rue...320Kpbs

We now have a "fella" thats more at home in a dress than in a recording studio ! of Britains top "Female impersonators" of the 60 /70's...didn't know there were so many songs with "Mother" in the title....His voice is more suited to the "Sing-a-long type songs as demonstrated in "On Mother Kelly's Doorstep"....I'll leave it up to you out there to make your mind up about the rest !!!

1. This Is My Mothers Day
2. My Mothers Eyes
3. My Old Mum
4. That Old Fashioned Mother Of Mine
5. Mother Machree
6. My Yiddishe Momme

1. On Mother Kelly's Doorstep
2. Its My Mothers Birthday Today
3. For My Mothers Love
4. Dear Little Irish Mother
5. To Mother With Love
6. Say It With Flowers