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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Tom Jones

We have a double set of L/P's from TJ....some of the tracks are on other L/P's that are posted on here but there are some that are not hence my posting it...Its "Tom" singing most of his Hits and then some !!.....The tracks are not in the order as printed below but they are all there so all you "Tom Jones" fans out there enjoy Tom at his best !!!...
Thanks "Bob" for all those "Goodies !!!!

Edmundo Ros & Orchestra

Fancy a jig around "Leicester Square" or maybe "Piccadilly Circus" after that nice rest in the comfy seats of the Cinema !!


Anita Meyer

So we have done the "Big West End Productions" and gone to "Broadway" now lets take it easy in a nice comfy seat in One of "London's" top Luxury Cinema's and listen to some "Theme Songs" from some Hit Films !!!....I like what she has done to "Love Story" !!...glad to hear she has put her own spin on the songs !!!

 Anita Meyer (Annita Meijer), born in Rotterdam 29 October 1954, is a Dutch singer. One of her most notable songs is "Why Tell Me Why"[1] that charted for 14 weeks[2] and topped the Dutch singles list for six weeks in 1981.[citation needed]

Danny La Rue

Whilst we are in London in "Theatre Land"...The "Music Hall" is a here's the guy that usually wears a dress doing songs that relate to said "Music Hall"....Must say that its much better than the one posted earlier !!

Charlie Girl..London Cast

We are still in London and still on the Theatre Circuit this time at the "Adelphi Theatre"

Charlie Girl is a musical comedy production which premiered in the West End of London at the Adelphi Theatre on December 15, 1965 and became one of the most successful theatre shows of the day, playing for 2,202 performances, closing on March 27, 1971.[1] Although successful in London, Charlie Girl has never been produced on Broadway.

Canterbury Tales..London Cast

It seems we are now back in "Blighty" and in 1968 thats when this "Original London Cast" was on...Must say I've never heard of this one so its open to everyone who may have seen it to comment on it !!!!


Camelot..Broadway Cast

It seems we are now across the pond !!...Wow! that was quick !! we have the "Broadway Production "....once again only seen the film so comments would be cool from the people in the know !!

Barnum..London Cast

Are you lot still with us !!..Ok then off we go o The Circus!!


A Little Night Music..London Cast

So off to "The West End Of London " now and a visit to a couple of Theatre's hope you all have your best "Bib And Tucker" on !!!...No jeans T Shirt's Or Trainers !!!! on this "Jaunt" !!!
Not having seen the show I'll leave the comments to more wiser people !!


Four Men In A Boat

We now have some L/P's from across the channel Via "Belgium Bob" a grand mixture that I hope will be enjoyed by"People from the Cosmos"...."Friends From across the Pond "...The Upside Down People From Aussie" and "The Frozen People North Of The Globe" !!!!

This is a charity record for "The Abbeyfield Charity" so I believe that it is only right that I include the web site here  in case there is anyone who wishes to get in touch !!

John Mann..320 Kbps

Our intrepid concert goer and autograph hunter  "Jayne" is on the move again in Worthing this time if thats where she got this L/P if you folks out there like to listen to "Organ" music namely a "Eminent 2000 Grand Theatre Organ" and have a sing -a-long then this might be for you !!!


Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong...320 Kbps

 When you have a great set of songs from a great Play/Musical and two of the worlds greatest singers and performers there is no need for any comment at all JUST LISTEN !!!!..this is a double L/P..The overture on  Side 1 is a long track !!

 1. Overture....Russell Garcia & Orch
2. Summertime.....Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
3. I Wants To Stay Here....Ella Fitzgerald

1. My Mans Gone Now....Ella Fitzgerald
2. I Got Plenty Of Nuttin'....Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
3. Buzzard Song....Ella Fitzgerald
4. Bess You Is My Woman Now....Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

1. It Ain't Necessarily So....Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
2. What You Want Wid Bess....Ella Fitzgerald
3. A Woman Is A Sometime Thing....Louis Armstrong
4. Oh Doctor Jesus....Ella Fitzgerald

1. Medley....Ella Fitzgerald
    a. Here Comes The Honey Man
    b. Crab Man
    c. Oh Dey's So Fresh And Fine (Strawberry Woman)
2. There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York....Louis Armstrong
3. Bess Oh Where's My Bess....Louis Armstrong
4. Oh Lawd I'm On My Way....Louis Armstrong


Mark Murphy..320 Kbps

 If you want to hear a new singer that has a great voice then go no further than this!!...saying that... he has been around since the late 50's early 60's....but not to well known in England hence the "new"....I suppose I should have said "old/new"....anyway this blog is worldwide so take your pick!!...getting back to the music its a cool great L/P and all the "Jazz Vocalists Enthusiasts" will enjoy it !!

Tammy Jones..320 Kbps

When I first saw this L/P I thought that "Tammy" was an American CW singer it was not til I "Googled" her that I found that she is a "Welsh" singer that won "Oportunity Knocks" for several weeks !!!....Once again we "Brit's" let this crystal clear singer get away !!....She Only had one moderate hit  which is Track One "Let Me Love Again"....she should have had more she has a great voice....On this L/P the arrangments let her down apart from "Amazing Grace" that she sings in "Welsh" and a great arrangment of "My Happiness" The rest are very similar to the original hit versions.....and as you know I like to hear singers own interpritations of well known songs !!!

1. Let Me Try Again
2. Answer Me
3. The Way We Were
4. Amazing Grace
5. With These Hands
6. The Day The Rains Came
7. May You Always
8.  The Wedding

1. No Regrets
2. Loves A Carousel
3. Behind Closed Doors
4. It Must Be Him
5. Wonderful Dream
6. My Happiness
7. All The Love In The World
8. My Way


Bert Kaempfert & Orchestra..320 Kbps

The relaxing sound is what its called and thats wht you get !! don't fall asleep !!!

1. Strangers In The Night
2./ Bye Bye Blues
3. But Not Today
4. Red Roses For A Blue Lady
5. Melina
6. Nothing New
7. Danke Shone

1. Moon Over Naples 
2. Remember When
3. The Moon Is Making Eyes 
4. Rose Of Washigton Square
5. Take My Heart
6. That Happy Feeling
7. Wiederseh'n