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Monday, 14 March 2016

Oklahoma..London Cast

Another final trip "Out West" in "America" for the music and "London" for the visuals via Mp3's.....This seems to be a recording that was made of an actual "live" performance in 1980.
All the great "Rogers & Hammerstein's" song's that everybody knows and by the sound of the recording it definatly has atmostphere echoey' when the singers seem to move around the stage and of course all the audience applause so its a great one !!!


Vera Lynn

Last couple of L/P's might have been a bit hectic for some so here's one in a quieter mood !!
with songs that reflect the mood and the title...sung perfectly by "Dame Vera" !!
Notes on the back sleeve are not in English hence no enlarged back cover!! I guess you might know where it came from !!!!


Mel Torme

Still keeping with the music that comes from "Belgium" and still on the "Jazz"theme we have "The Velvet Fog" himself singing a load of standard songs....Grrrrrreat !!! they don't make them like that today !!!

Ted Heath & Edmundo Ros

Everyone now can be a referee to the battle of the two great bands of yesteryear...."Ted Heath" is the "Swing" and "Edmundo Ros" The "Latin" one....seen "Ted Heath" loads of times in the 50's & 60's but didn't manage to get to see "Edmundo"...this is a great nostalgic L/P and brings back memories of the "Big Band" era !!!....Music tastes seems to go around in circles so maybe it's time for a "Swing Band" Revival !!!!!...Yeh Man !!!


The Osmonds

We "Spiced" it up with "Wizzard" so let's go a bit "Crazy" courtesy of "Bob" !!! smile and show those white teeth !!!


Tony Bennett..320 Kbps

 Although this L/P is called what it is..."Today" is early 70's not 2016 !!...but I recon the "Flares" might have given that away !!....A really good selection of songs and done very different from the originals and firmly stamped with the "Bennett" sound....A fantastic arrangement of "Eleanor Rigby" one of the best I've heard !....And "MacArthur Park" cake has gone missing !!...doesn't realy need it !!!

P.S. Definatly one of Tony's Best...A1+++

1. MacArthur Park
2. Something
3. The Look Of Love
4. Here There And Everywhere
5. Live For Life
6. Little Green Apples 

1. Eleanor Rigby
2. My Cherie Amour
3. Is That All There Is
4. Here
5. Sunrise Sunset


Wizzard..320 Kbps

Ok lets really spice it up and get with it !!!

 Here's something different and I mean "Different"!!!.....not to everybodys taste but be curious and take a chance you might like it !!...."Roy Wood" is Wizzard for those who don't know and it looks like he has got everything but the "Kitchen Sink" playing on this L/P....the tracks only six of them are very long but you have everything in them ...from good old "Rock'N'Roll" thro' to "Brass Band"even a bit of "Classic" and even an "Elvis" bit all in one track !!!'s a very clever L/P !!!!....won't attempt to give a favourite track they are too diverse !!!...the first two tracks were very close together hence recording as "Side 1 & Side 2 !!!

1.You Can Dance The Rock'n Roll
2. Meet Me At The Jailhouse
3. Jolly Cup Of Tea

1. Buffalo Station-Get On Down To Memphis
2. Gotta Crush About You
3. Wear A Fast Gun

No No Nanette..London Cast

Still in Theatre Land we now have an older show from 1925....That came to London in 1973 and this is the one that is here !!!....Once again we have songs two I think that are now "Standards" namely "Tea For Two" and "I Want To Be Happy" get your Tappy Toes Tapping !!!


Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Phantom Of The Opera..London Cast

This musical of course needs no introduction...all the original singers from the "London Cast"...I did manage to get to see it in London but not with this cast so it must have been after it had been on quite some time and I can't remenber who the leads were !! sit back and listen and don't forget to watch that chandelier !!!!...and watch your head !!!!


Johnny Mathis..320 Kbps

 The last couple of posts of Johnny found him in the land of the "Disco" Boom....this one puts him firmly back to earth !! with a mixture of 70's classic songs and some not so well usual he does a perfect job with them sung in the typical "Mathis" style....Cooooooooooooool !!!

1. Killing Me Softly With Her Song
2. Aubrey
3. And I Love You So
4. Break Up To Make Up
5. Arianne

1. Neither One Of Us Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye
2. Wildflower
3. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
4. Sing
5. Good Morning Heartache
6. Show And Tell


Ray Conniff & Orchestra

Not had any "Conniff" for a while so here's one from "Belguim"...A compilation of tracks from his previous L/P's in a Happy mood !!!....Conniff's music will go on forever !!!


Gilbert O'Sullivan..320 Kbps

Gilbert O'Sullivan in his Hey Day wrote some great songs catchy and telling a story...but in the 80's he seemed to have disappeared of the scene !! checking on the net found out that he took about 5 years off but is now and since then still composing songs but hasn't had a notable hit since the 80's/90's....So have a listen to some of his well written hits of yesteryear !!!

1. I'm A Writer Not A Fighter 
2. A Friend Of Mine
3. They've Only Themselves To Blame 
4. Who Knows Perhaps Maybe 
5. Where Peaceful Waters Flow

1. Ooh Baby
2. I Have Never Loved You As Much As I Love You Today 
3. Not In A Million Years
4. If You Love Me Like You Love Me
5. Get Down

Stuart Damon..320 Kbps

 Hmmmmm...this L/P is so bad that it's good !! its peculiar way....there's a couple a really duff tracks with a saving grace of one good one !!..."Big G Man"...Nowwwwww if he had sung all the tracks like that one well my comments would be diferent !!.....This proves that you should always stick to what you can do best and singing is definatly not his forte !
But this was the 70's and he was in a very popular TV series "The Champions" "Hey lets make a L/P" !!!!!!!.......Comments Please !!!!!

P.S. Maybe I was being a bit harsh when I said "Bad" in the above post so I will amend and say So-So !!....its still good in its peculiar way !!!

1. You Ain't Got Far To Go
2. Yellow Cat
3. Would I Send You Away
4. Hickory Hollers Tramp
5. For The First Time In My Life
6. Every End Is Just The Beginning

1. Big G Man
2. As Usual
3. The Long And Winding Road
4. Suddenly
5. In My Love Mind
6. Everything Is Beautiful

Tom Jones..320 Kbps

Ok back to the "Pops" with a big bang !!...and according to the record label "13 Smash Hits"
Hmm !!..they redeem themselves by stating on the back  its the "Songs" that are the "Hits"..
as usual TG sings them as only he can !!

1. Don't Fight It
2. You keep Me Hanging On
3. Hold On I'm Coming
4. I Was made To Love Her
5. Keep On Running
6. Get Ready

1. I'll Never Fall in Love Again
2. I Know
3. I Wake Up Crying
4. Funny How Time Slips Away
5. Danny Boy
6. It's A Man's Man's World
7. Yesterday

Lisa Of Lambeth..

I've not heard of this one but I Guess that there will be plenty Of folks out there who have so enjoy it !!!...I Guess its the "London Cast " !!


Irene..London Cast

"Showtime" once again from across the channel via "Bob"....Its great to hear these L/P's and to listen to the well known classic "Standard" songs in there original settings....Thanks once again "Bob" for all of them which will be posted in this session and probably the next !!! Sooooooo folks enjoy some nostalgia !!!!!


The Beach Boys..320 Kbps

 As with most of the "Live "L/P's this one is recorded as Side 1 and Side 2.... It was recorded at "Finsbury Park" in London in 1968....This information is not on the back sleeve so I had to do a little detective work to find out when and where I hope its right !!.... it contains most of their hits and they do a good job replicating the "Beach Boys" Sound Live !! as stated on the back sleeve

                                                                           Thanks To Lesley For This One !!
 1. Darlin'
2. Wouldn't It Be Nice
3. Sloop John B
4. California Girls
5. Do It Again
6. Wake The World
7. Aren't You Glad

1. Bluebirds Over The Mountains
2. Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring
3. Good Vibrations
4. God Only Knows
5. Barbara Ann