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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Jim Diamond..320 Kbps

 This one is by a Scottish singer who should be more popular than he is...He had a UK No 1 in about 1984 with "I Should Have Known Better"which was great..Then the theme song from the TV program "Boon" called "Hi Ho Silver....All you out there in "Australia America & Russia and others have a listen he has a unique voice and style don't think you will be disapointed if you are you can always leave a comment !!!

P.S This is a great L/P and deserves a listen to... as I said he has a unique voice and he is still performing the arrangments are first class with a nice solid beat beat.
Sooooooooooooooo lets get him some new fans !!!.....Sorry for the jumps on a couple of tracks tried to get rid of them but no luck !!.

A re-record so I think there is no jumps on this !!

1. Double Crossed
2. I Sleep Alone At Night
3. After The Fire
4. I Should Have Known Better
5. Stumblin' Over

1. Remember I Love You
2. New Generation
3. Co-Operation
4. She Is Woman
5. I'm Yours


Elkie Brooks..320 Kbps

Here we have the distinctive voice of "Elkie" the first side is a bit rocky and loud but the voice shines through on the Second side with the slower ballad type songs....This is another singer who should have been more popular that she is....Just checked up on her and seems that she is popular !!

  She is generally referred to as the "British Queen of Blues".[2][3] By April 2012, Brooks had released more albums that had reached the top 75 of the UK album chart than any other British female artist.[4]....

And she is touring England till December !!!

1. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
2. Be Positive
3. Since You Went Away
4. Putting My Heart On The Line
5. Stay With Me

1. As
2. Learn To Love
3. Too Precious
4. Shooting Star
5. Just An Excuse