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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Barry White..320 Kbps

The Man with The "Deep Booming Voice" is on the loose !!..some of the tracks do go on a bit ! and on Side One we only have 3 tracks !!.....saying that it is a unique sound !!

1. Mellow Mood ( Part 1 )
2. Your The First The Last My Everything
3. I Can't Believe You Love Me

1. Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Babe
2. Oh Love We Finally Made It 
3. I Love You Move Than Anything
4. Mellow Mood (Part 2 )

Buddy Holly..320 Kbps

These compilations at the moment are the "Bees Knees" (An old term that means cool, the phrase "bee's knees" means sweet and good, because the knees of the bee ) !!
Because they are at last living up to the Title....And this one has all the Hits !

1. That'll Be The Day
2. Peggy Sue
3. Words Of love
4. Every Day
5. Not Fade Away
6. Oh Boy
7. Maybe Baby
8. Listen To Me
9. Heart Beat
10 Think It Over

1. It Does'nt Matter Anymore
2. It's So Easy
3. Well Alright
4. Rave On
5. Raining In My Heart
6. True Love Ways
7. Peggy Sue Got Married
8. Bo Diddley
9. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
10. Wishing

Friday, 8 April 2016

Ted Heath & Edmundo Ros

We can't leave "Begium" yet till we have had "Round 2" of the "Heath & Ros" saga !!
And by the sound of this one I believe it might be a draw !!! with the first one you will have to guess which band is playing what track !!! the experts will have no trouble BUT some tracks will get you thinking who which band is playing what track !!!!!!.....OK a joke !!
Side 1 is "Ted Heath" Side 2 "Edmundo Ros" !!!.....OR IS IT !!!!!!


Ray Conniff & Orchestra.

From one great orchestra to another and we are still over the Channel !!....a compilation from the "Ray Conniff"  stable !!.....All the tracks are featured on other L/P's scatered around this "Blog" but its great to hear them once all you "Conniff" enthusiasts have fun !!!


Helmut Zacharias & Orchestra

Once again we are in "Belgium" via "Bob" and a very different "Helmut Z" in fact I would say its one of his best !!!...give it a download and see if you agree!!!!


Twiggy..320 Kbps

 Here's "Twiggy" of  M&S fame & Model of "The Swingin'60's" doing quite a pleasant job of singing some "Country & West" style songs 1977 is the date !!....around this time I think she must have starred in the "Ken Russell" film "The Boy Friend" which was a "Musical" wonder what came first this L/P or the film !!!......anyway she does do a pretty good job with the songs best one being "20/20 Hindsight"....I think she did do another L/P and released some singles and had a minor hits with "Here I Go Again" and "Vanilla Ole"

1. Rings
2. I Hope We Get To Love In Time
3. Cooking School
4. I'll Be Doggone
5. I Lie Awake And Dream of You
6. Fish In The Sea
7. My Town

1. Brown Shoes
2. You've Got Me To Hold On
3. I Love Us
4. Everything Falls Into Place
5. 20/20 Hindsight
6. Please Get My Name Right


Thursday, 7 April 2016

Johnny Mathis..320 Kbps

Another one from Johnny singing songs of the 70's !!

1. Where Do I Begin (Love Story)
2. Rose Garden
3. Ten Times Forever More
4. It's Impossible
5. I Was There
6. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life

1. We've Only Just Begun
2. Traces
3. For The Good Times 
4. My Sweet Lord
5. Loss Of Love

Glen Campbell..320 Kbps

A true compilation that lives up to it's Title "Greatest Hits"

1. Honey Come Back
2. Gentle On My Mind
3. Everything a Man Could Ever Need
4. Galveston
5. Try A Little Tenderness
6. Dreams Of A Every Day Housewife

1. By The Time I Get To Phoenix
2. Dream Baby
3. Where's The Playground Susie
4. It's Only Make Believe
5. Wichita Lineman
6. All I hAve To Do Is Dream...with Bobbie Gentry


Kiki Dee..320 Kbps

 This L/P is a early 80's release of "Kiki's" full of original songs....except for one which she sings with "Elton John"....Track 2 Side One".....As I have said before she in my opinion is one of Britain's unrated singers and we did have quite a few in the 60's 70's & 80's !!....So if you like you music with a lot of originality this could be the one for you...great track is "Wild Eyes"

1. Star
2. Loving You is Sweeter Than Ever...with Elton John
3. Wild Eyes
4. Twenty Four Hours
5. Perfect Timing

1. Midnight Flyer
2. There's A Need
3. Another Break
4. Love Is Just a Moment Away
5. You Are My Hope In This World

Stevie Wonder

Fancy a swim now !!.....lets hope the Channel is not too cold !!...a visit from "Bob" with this one  !!


Cliff Richard & The Shadows...320 Kbps

Roll Up ! Roll Up ! to the steps of "The London Palladium" day is "Thursday" date is "March 4th 1978 !! time capsule coming up !!!!!

1. The Young Ones
2. Do You Wanna Dance
3. The Day I Met Marie
4. Shadoogie
5. Atlantis
6. Nivram
7. Apache
8. Please Don't Tease
9. Miss You Nights

1. Move It
2. Willie And The Hand Jive
3. All Shook Up
4. Devil Woman
5. Why Should The Devil Have All the Good Music
6. End Of The Show

Caterina Valente..320 Kbps

 Another Valente L/P on the "Decca" label...this time she is doing the "South American Rhythms of the "Bossa Nova"all of the tracks are done in that style...She does play the guitar on most of her records I wonder if she does on this one !! mention of it on the sleeve notes !

1. Moon River
2. The Boy from Ipanema
3. People
4. My Melancholy Baby
5. You And I
6. Diexa

1. Just One Of Those Things
2. Estrada Do Sol
3. Over The Rainbow
4. Sugar Can Breeze
5. O Ganso
6. Watch What Happens

Ella Fitzgerald..320Kbps

 Here's Ella in her element singing with only an Organ and Drums....gone is the restraint when she sings with an "Orchestrated Orchestra"and has to follow some kind rules....This is the "Ella In Concert Mode" just as I remember seeing her many times....To me there are two kind of Ella's... One the great interpreter of the "Songbooks"and the other when she always seems to let rip and enjoy herself...all you have to do is listen to the many concert L/P's that she has released to get what I am talking about.....Glad that she did "Mack The Knife" all the way through without the "forgetting the words" bit that she did on the L/P "Ella In Berlin"...that would have been "contrived" and missing the point.....You only get gems like that spontaneously....This L/P was made in 1978 about that time her voice began to change and the "sweet notes" as Ella herself called them were begining to disapear.....The last time I saw her in concert was with "Count Basie" and she was suffering with her legs.....When she came on stage she was supported and escorted by him.....But the concert was a knockout....Nooooooo there never will be another Ella !!!!!

1. I'm Walking
2. All Or Nothing At All
3. I Never Had A Chance
4. I Cried For You
5. What will I Tell My Heart 

1. Since I Fell for You
2. And The Angels Sing
3. Confessin' That I Love You
4. Mack The Knife
5. That's My Desire
6. I'm In The Mood For Love