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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

"Rota80--Genesystudio" & "Hayling"

Thanks to Rota80-Genesystudio  for the links to "The Arther Fielder " Box Set  I'm sure plenty of people will be gratefull as well cheers....Also   thanks to "Hayling" for the kind words ...cheers...Luigi....

Eugen Cicero

Not had a piano music for a while so away we go on the keys !!


Art Garfunkel..320 Kbps

This is another one that was produced by "Richard Perry"and he does do a good job !!...selection of somgs are good with a great version of "I Only Have Eyes For You "
Followed by "Looking For The Right One"...which is my all time favorite of "Art Garfunkel" helps of course if the singer is a good one and he is !!....This was recorded in 1975 in "Los Angeles"..."New York"...and "London"!!!

 1. I Believe When I Fall In Love
2. Rag Doll
3. Breakaway
4. Disney Girls
5. Waters Of March

1. My Little Town.....Simon & Garfunkel
2. I Only Have Eyes For You
3. Looking For The Right One
4. 99 Miles From LA
5. The Same Old Tears

Digno Garcia

"La Felicidad" translates as "The Happiness" here is a selection of Happy Tunes !!


Nat King Cole..320 Kbps

 As this is a "Live" recording there is no gaps in the tracks so once again I had to record it as "Side One" And "Side Two"....This is a great recording and shows not only what a great singer Nat was but also shows off his Piano playing ability on "Where or When "

1. Ballerina
2. Funny
3. The Continental
4. I Wish You Love
5. You Leave Me Breathless
6. Thou Swell

1. My Kinda Love
2. Surrey With The Fringe On Top
3. Where Or When
4. Miss Otis Regrets
5. Joe Turner Blues

Deanna Durbin

Seems we have gone from Xmas to Spring in the 40's as Track no 1 informs us!!.....Via the sweet tones of "Deanna Durbin"...a great slice of nostalgic !!!!


Barbra Streisand

Going over now across the channel to "Belgium" and a selection of "Bob's" Contributions....Ok its a bit early for Xmas but may as well get it in early...Just like the lights in "Oxford Street" they get earlier each year !!!


Renaissance..320 Kbps

 If you like your music with plenty of symphonic sounds and long tracks then this is the one for you....If it doesn't hit the spot immediately it will in does take a while to get used to the sound but "Annie Haslam's" pure voice will get you there although sometimes she is overcome by the volume of sound !!.....don't think much of the L/P cover...would have thought a bit more imagination was needed !!!.

1. Opening Out
2. The Day Of The Dreamer
3. Closer Than Yesterday
4. Kindness At The End

1. Back Home once Again
2. She Is Love
3. Northern Lights
4. A Song For All Seasons

The Mike Sammes Singers..320Kbps

 Mike Sammes Singers doing "The Swingle Singers"......I like all the titles to the tracks very cool and witty..some great arrangments on this one classic lovers will hate it !!

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Seems I've come to the end of my "Borrowed" L/P's from friends and family so till I find some more people that are willing to lend me their "Dusty" L/P's that reside in their "Loft" or "Garages" (I'm trying hard but with not much success)....will do some Re-Posting and catch up with all of "Belgium Bob's" that he has sent and there is quiet a few  !!

P.S. When I said "Dusty" above I didn't mean "Springfield" I meant "Cobwebby Dusty and damp".....a couple of people have mis-interpreted  the "Dusty" Bit !!!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Lena Horne

I did'nt know about this one at all so thanks to "Bob" across the channel !!! different Lena and well worth a listen !!


Clarinet In Gold

So we have a double helping of "Petite Fleur"


Chris Barber's Jazz Band

We are staying in Begium and listening to a band that will be well known to many !! and another one that might not be too well known....But both are great recordings in their own style !!


Al Martino.

"Golden Record" from across the channel via "Bob" and most of "Al Martino's Hits...One Compilation for all fans of Al's......A bit of "Music Trvia" coming up...."Here In My Heart" was the first British No 1 when the "Music Top Twenty" first started in the 50's!!  


The Ventures..320 Kbps

Another slice of "The Ventures" repertoire this time doing some "Golden Greats"....I wonder how many people was influenced to buy this because of the cover !!!!!!
track "Walk Don't Run" jumps a bit at the start ...Sorry !!!

1. Telstar
2. The Lonely Bull
3. Rebel- Rouser 
4. Honky Tonk
5. Let's Go
6. Pipeline

1. Walk Dont Run
2. Tequila
3. Apache
4. Wipe-Out
5. Memphis
6. Out Of Limits


Brass Construction..320Kbps

The year is now 1977 !!..and here is one of the many bands that took the "Disco" beat to a repetitive crescendo and made lots of money by just doing that !!....Can't say that I have heard any of the tracks before but I should think there are thousands out there in the wide world that has and enjoy's the sound !! have a listen !!! to the sounds of a Era !!

1. Movin' 
2. Peekin'
3. Changin'

1. Love
2. Talkin'
3. Dance


Neil Diamond..320 Kbps

As it says on the cover "Hits" by ND... always great to listen to again and some of these tracks are not the original recordings but "Live" which is a "Bonus"...most of the tracks I should think everybody has heard of so this is a great Compilation !!

1. Sweet Caroline
2. Brother Loves Traveling Salvation Show
3. Shilo
4. Holly Holy
5. Brooklyn Roads
6. Cracklin'Rosie

1. Play Me
2. Done Too Soon
3. Stones
4. Song Sung Blue
5. Soolaimon
6. I Am I Said


Diana Ross & The Supremes..320 Kbps

Back to a "Motown Comp" now featuring there top "Girlee" Group !!!...all songs are written by "Holland Dozier & Holland" most of there early hits are here and I guess some of the "B" sides to there Hits are here as well !!!...  (Thats a Guess) !!

1. You Keep Me Hanging On  
2. This Old Heart Of Mine
3. Stop In The Name Of Love
4. Mother You Smother You
5. Put Yourself In My Place
6. There's No Stopping Us Now

1. Baby Love
2. Come And Get These Memories
3. baby I Need Your Loving
4. I Guess I'll Always Love You
5. I Can't Help Myself
6. Love Is In Our Hearts

Dr Hook..320 Kbps

More From "Dr Hook" this one includes a couple of their "Top Hits"...lead vocals are still by the "Gruff Bros"!!! Dennis & Ray !!!

1. Sharing The Night Together 
2. Sweetest Of All
3. Storms Never Last
4. I Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight
5. Knowing She's There

1. Clyde
2. When Your in Love With A Beautiful Woman
3. Dooley Jones
4. I Gave Her Comfort
5. You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance

The Ventures..320 Kbps

Don't know much about "The Ventures" only that they sound a bit like "The Shadows" our British guitar playing group !!...or is it "Shads" sound like "The Vents"...I suppose that depends on who came first !!

1. Strawberry Fields Forever
2. Psychedelic Venture
3. Western Union
4. Guitar Psychedelics
5. Kandy Concoction
6. Reflections 

1. A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You
2. Endless Dream
3. Vibrations
4. Psyched Out
5. 1999 A D
6. Happy Together


The Carpenters..320 Kbps

1969 - 1973 Singles from "The Carpenters"...."Superstar & RainyDays And Mondays" is as one track no space between the tracks....Can't remember that as a single !!

1. We've Only Just Begun 
2. Top Of The World
3. Ticket To Ride
4. Superstar
5. Rainy Day's And Monday's
6. Goodbye To Love

1. Yesterday Once More
2. It's Gonna Take Some Time
3. Sing
4. For all We Know
5. Hurting Each Other
6. Close To You