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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Swingle Singers..320 Kbps

Love the "Swingles"...Thanks "John" for the reminder of what a great concept "Voices As Instruments " is !!!!

Swingle II - Baroque  (1976)
Originally a French vocal band, founded in 1962 by Ward Swingle, specialized in singing classical songs with a capella/jazz arrangement. They were very popular in the USA, they won 3 Grammy Awards in 1964 and 1965. 

1. The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba
2. Air on A G String
3. Water Music
4. Largo
5. Brandenburg Concerto No 4
6. Brandenburg Concerto No 5
7. Concerto Grosso Op 6 No 1
8. Jesu Joy Of Mans Desiring 
9. Organ Fugue

Don Partridge..320 Kbps

Row Row Row!! that boat now across the big pond !! for a couple more !!....Yep I remember this singer he won a few times on one of the "Talent Shows" that was doing the rounds in the 60's....This L/P shows that he could hold his own with some of the top singers of that time !!

Don Partridge - Don Partridge   (1968)
Was an English singer and songwriter, known as the "king of the buskers". He performed from the early 1960's as a busker and one-man band, and achieved unexpected commercial success in the UK in the late 1960's with the songs "Rosie" and "Blue Eyes"

1. Following Your Fancy
2. Keep Your Hands Off Her
3. 7 Days Chokey
4. The Wayward Boy
5. St james Infimary
6. I'm Going Away
7. Blue Eyes
8. Dock Of The Bay
9. Old Girl Joe
10. First Girl I Loved 
11. Candy Man
12. Black Brown And White Blues
13. Monans Song
14. Rosie


Francis Bay & Orchestra

Over the channel now via "Bob" for this contribution !! get your dancing shoes on and "shassy" around the room but be careful of the furniture !!...Or maybe just have a seat and listen !!!.....Didn't realise that "Louis Armstrong" co wrote "You Made Me Love You"...great you learn something new every day !!!!


Robert Goulet..320 Kbps


 I'm getting used to RG's voice but he still lacks that knockout track that I am waiting to hear....To me he still has that "Musical Show" type of voice and seems to sing every track in that style....I do have a few more L/P's by him maybe soon he might deliver that track with a "Wow" factor....I wonder if these are realy his "Greatest Hits" or are CBS just gathering random tracks.....

 1. If Ever I Would Leave You
2. Begin To Love
3. This Is All I Ask
4. Summer Sounds
5. Real Live Girl
6. What Kind Of Fool Am I

1. My Love Forgive Me
2. Autumn Leaves
3. Ciao Compare
4. Fortissimo
5. The Impossible Dream


Tony Orlando & Dawn..320 Kbps

 This one from "Tony Orlando" & Dawn is not so good as the "Ragtime Follies " that I have posted earlier but its still a good one..... still in line with the "Groovy" 70's !!!

1. Skybird
2. Jolie
3. Come Back Billie Jo 
4. Personality
5. Kelly Blye

1. All In The Game
2. Dance To The Music
3. Did You Ever Think She'd Get Away From You
4. Straight Ahead
5. That's The Way A Wallflower Grows

Jackie Trent & Tony Hatch.320 Kbps

So now we have "Petula Clark's"songwriter's they wrote most of her hit's including of course"Downtown" and all of her "Pye" hits.....Jackie Trent has a great voice but on this L/P she harmonises I suppose to blend in...and she can belt a song out but not on this one !!

Tony Hatch & Jackie Trent - The Two Of Us  (1967)
Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent were married at the time of their 1967 album The Two of Us. WhileHatch had released some instrumental easy listening albums under his own name, this was the first time he'd sung anything but background vocals on record. Understandably, however, his singing was somewhat subservient to Trent's, who had already scored hits in the U.K. with Hatch as producer.

1. I Must Know
2. Play It Again
3. Don't Stop Now
4. Morning Dew
5. Work Song
6. Thank You For Loving Me
7. Route 66
8. Living It Up Again
9. The Fool On The Hill
10. The Joker
11. Country Girl And City Man
12. The Two Of Us