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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Cliff Richard

Cliff's not on a "Summer Holiday" on this one but we are still in "Belgium" so "In The Country" is relevant at this time !!!....Cliff sing some of his hits and probably B sides..


Harry Mortimer Brass Band

After those "Dixieland" themed songs I think we will have a "water ski" ride over the channel to call at "Bob's" shop and see what's what !!....So!! put your marching boots on and get "Marching"!!....Oh !! don't forget to get of the "Jet Ski "!!!!!

Eydie Gorme..320 Kbps

This lady has the knack of singing that makes you think that it's as easy as pie to just open your mouth and a perfect noise comes out....She makes singing seem simple....BUT as we who can't sing and many people who actually can know that that is not that simple...You have to be born with a vocal voice and usually it takes years of hard work and practice to be a good singer....And BOY Eydie has just done that !!...she tackles these songs with hardly any effort at all making an excellent L/P for all "Gorme" fans...All the tracks are good and if you can read the back cover it gives you an insight to the songs..

1. When The Saints Go Marching In
2. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
3. Ja Da
4. When Its Sleepy Time Down South
5. Limehouse Blues
6. Basin Street Blues

1. Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home
2. Bye Bye Blues
3. South Rampart Street Parade
4. Lazy River
5. Mississippi Mud
6. Wang Wang Blues


Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong..320 Kbps

 When I bought this L/P I was very dissapointed by it..reason being that out of the 9 tracks Ella & Louis only sings together on 6 of them....the other 3 are solo' was not like the first one they did because they sang together every song !!...probably that was the reason I did not buy Volume 2....I felt cheated....ahhhh thats youthful thoughts !!!.....Saying that there is nothing wrong with the tracks all are great as only Ella & Louis can be...

1. Don't Be That Way....Ella & Louis
2. Makin' Whoopee....Louis Armstrong
3. They All Laughed....Ella & Louis
4. Comes Love....Ella Fitzgerald
5. Autumn In New York....Ella & Louis

1. Let's Do It....Louis Armstrong
2. Stompin' At The Savoy....Ella & Louis
3. I Wont Dance....Ella & Louis
4. Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You....Ella & Louis

Jane Morgan

The crystal clear voice of "Jane Morgan" sings "Paris" via "John" in "New York"....Thanks John for all these great different L/P's .....Time now for some of my Re-Posts...enjoy all the music everybody !!!!

1.  The Time Is Now
2.  Cest Si Bon
3. Under Paris Skies
4. Autumn Leaves
5. La Vie En Rose
6. The Poor People Of Paris

1. Once Upon A Summertime
2. Dominique
3. If You Love Me
4. Domino
5. The Last Time I Saw Paris
6. Petites Chansons


Susan Maughan

This is a surprise only having heard "Bobby's Girl" and nothing else...BOY !! this girl can "Swing" !!!....It seems that this was recorded in 1967...Were the hell was I !!!...Missed something good and would love a time machine to go back !!!...Googled her and seems she is now 78.....Give this one a listen to folks and be amazed !!

Peggy Lee.

We are still on the other side of the pond with this one some early recordings of "Peggy Lee" that are classics and are enjoyed time and time again....."Timeless" I would say !!!!

1. Why Don't You Do Right 
2. Them There Eyes
3. Deed I Do
4. I Don't Know Enough About You
5. Its A Good Day
6. Golden Earings

1. I Can't Give You anything But Love
2. Stormy Weather
3. Don't Smoke In Bed
4. While we Were Young
5. Manana 
6. Hold Me


Chris Barber & Band.

Some great recordings on this L/P from across the pond !! classic "Trad Jazz" with "Lonnie Donegan".....Its cool to have all these different  L/P's !!!

Johnny Mathis..320 Kbps

 I have said in previous posts of JM that I prefer him when he sings up tempo and swinging songs...But I stand corrected with this L/P...Although the songs are sung more or less how they were written It's a great L/P enhanced by just a couple of guitars and a bass... he brings completely fresh versions of the standard songs...which I have said many times before. the arrangements as well as the voice go a long way to an excellent L/P and this is a first class one....I do believe it is some of his earlier recordings !!!

1. Bye Bye Blackbird
2. In The Still Of The Night
3. Embraceable You
4. I'll Be Seeing You
5. Tenderly

1. When I fall In Love
2. Please Be Kind
3. You'll Never Know 
4. I'm Just A Boy in Love
5. My Funny Valentine

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Art Garfunkel..320 Kbps

  I think that this one was the first album that Art did without Paul Simon...Best track toss up between "Traveling Boy" and  "I Shall Sing" 

P.S. Just noticed that along with "Paul Simon" playing Bass we have got "Cass Eliot" singing !!

1. Traveling Boy
2. Down In The Willow Garden 
3. I Shall Sing
4. Old Man
5. Feuilles Oh / Do Space Men Pass Dead Souls On Their Way To The Moon

1. All I Know
2. Mary Was An Only Child
3. Woyaya
4. Barbara Allen
5. Another Lullaby

Gene Pitney

Although this is a 2 record set we only have the first 12 Songs.....the other 12 must be floating around the "cosmos" entertaining all those "Funny Green Men" that might be out there !!!


Gypsy London Cast

So we have been to "New York" via "John" so lets drop in at "Bob's place in "Belgium" for the next couple of L/P's....First we have the London Cast of "Gypsy" doesn't give a date or very much infomation on the back so maybe some one can fill the blanks !!......Seems we have lost the "Overture" !!!


Ella Fitzgerald.

From one great to another !!!...also from "John"....a "Live" performance that gave me the slip! !!


Peggy Lee.

Great cover on this L/P....Peggy at her best !!...Its great to hear some unfamiliar songs.. It's just like discovering "Peggy Lee" for the first time !!

Count Basie & His Band..320 Kbps

We've had violins... a band with a beat and a Spanish lesson !!!...So now we have the great "Count Basie" band in "Hi-Fi" with some of his classic tracks and after that we will relax with the silky voice of "Peggy Lee" courtesy of "John" "An Englishman In New York" !!!...thanks John!!!


Eydie Gorme..320 Kbps

 I think that this L/P is a great one...Okay so you can't understand what she is singing about unless of course you are Spanish!!...but I'm sure that you will recognise some of the songs...and it reminds me of holiday' put your feet up shut your eyes and let your imagination run riot !!

1. Piel Canela
2. Y..
3. Nosotros
4. Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado
5. Di Que No Es Verdad
6. Historia De Un Amor

1. Sabor A Mi
2. Amor
3. Noche De Ronda
4. Caminito
5. Media Vuelta
6. La Ultima Noche