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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Slim Whitman

No scatching your head over this voice !!...bit of CW to help with the mix !!

Ottilie Paterson

This is a new one for me and its one worth listening too...."Ottilie Paterson" was the singer in the "Chris Barbers" Jazz Band.....Thanks "John" for this one its as I've said before if you havn't heard the "Voice" give youself a new experiance !!! 

1. Song Of Soloman
2. The Orphan
3. latin Drinking Song
4. Please Accept My Apologies Mrs Pankhurst
5. Why So Pale And Wan
6. Helen Of Kirkconnell
7. The Sound Of The DoorAs It Closes

1. Spring Song
2. The Bitterness Of Death
3. Ad Uxorem
4. Hey Ho The Wind And The Rain
5. It Was A Lover And His Lass
6. Sonnet No 8
7. Mrs Pankhurst Returns


Music over.... now we have some vocals from some well known voices and some not so familiar...Its great to sample these "Gems" folks give yourself a treat and download some voices that you might not of heard of...and be surprised !!......This is "Cher" at the begining of her recording's...and you can hear how she has developed her sound for today !!


The Jokers

Here's a guitar group from "Belgium" from the 60's Shadowing the "Shadows" & "The Ventures"....and doing a good job !!