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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Lita Roza

This L/P has to be listened to when the lights are low and you have 100% get the most out of listening to it put your feet up grab yourself a drink and just relax and let the voice waft over you !!....a beautiful set of songs sung by a great singer who unfortunately is no longer with us....and just one swinging track so if you fall asleep it will bring you back with a bump !!

 1. How Did He look
2. Trust In Me
3. This Is No Laughing Matter
4. Misty
5. I'll Close My Eyes
6. Paradise

1. Wild Is The Wind
2. My Heart Belongs To Daddy
3. But Beautiful
4. Tenderly
5. Wee Small Hours
6. They Say

 1. How Did He Look.

Shani Wallis

If you have seen "Oliver" then you should recognise this singer !!...she's a belter !!
 Belting (or vocal belting) is a specific technique of singing by which a singer mixes in the proper proportions, their lower and upper resonances.

3. Young And Foolish.