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Thursday, 28 March 2019

Eydie Gorme.

Along with "Eydie Vamps The Roaring Twenty's" this is my favourite Eydie L/P...This is what you call Mood Music and she sings brilliantly !!!! 
Yes this cover is worn and battered so you know what that means... "Yep" correct a favourite once more....Its one to remember... I did read somewhere that she won an award for it... and if she did it is worth it...not got a favourite track because everyone is a gem!!....Having said that I just love "Why Try To Change Me Now"...not because of the way she sings it but the lyrics blow me away....This was recorded in 1958....61 years ago...Another brilliant vocalist that was taken from us too soon !!

1. When The World Was Young
2. In Love In Vain
3. Here I Am In Love Again
4. Why Shouldn't I
5. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
6. Love Letters

1. In Other Words
2. When I Fall In Love
3. Idle Conversation
4. Why Try To Change Me Now
5. Impossible
6. It Could Happen To You

4. Why Try To Change Me Now.