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Saturday, 1 February 2020

Robert And Elizabeth...320 Kbps

 When I got these "Show" L/P's from a friend I must have missed playing this one because I can't remember being as inpressed with it as I am now...Its a great one... typical "West End" show material...must say that its been on my turntable many many times since I recorded it for this blog...If it was still running I would have made an effort to go and see it...BUT it is from its a bit late!!...none of the songs as far as I know were hits as usualy you find that there is usualy one song that makes it popular....I might be wrong so if anyone knows different please enlighten me...all I can say is the whole score is good and worth listening to !!

1. Overture &Wimpole Street Song....Cast
2. The Family Moulton-Barratt....The Family
3. The World Outside....June Bronhill
4. Moon In My Pocket....Keith Michell
5. I Said Love....Keith Michell
6. The Real Thing....June Bronhill
7. You Only To love Me....Angela Richards
8. In A Simple Way....June Bronhill & Keith Michell
9. I Know Now....June Bronhill & Keith Michell

1. Soliloquy....June Bronhill
2. Pass The Eau De Cologne....The Brothers
3. I'm The Master Here....John Clements & The Brothers
4. Escape Me Never....Keith Michell
5. Hate Me Please...Angela Richards & Jeremy Lloyd
6. The Girls That Boys Dream About....The Family & Stella Moray
7. Woman And Man....June Bronhill
8. Frustration....Keith Michell
9. Finale-I Know Now- Reprise...Cast

     4. Moon In My Pocket

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Petula Clark...320 Kpbs

This one was recorded in USA whilst Pet was making "Finians Rainbow" her version of "Lover Man" and "Eternally"

1. This Is My Song
2. Groovin'
3. Lover Man
4. San Francisco
5. Eternally
6. Resist

1. Don't Sleep In The Subway
2. Imagine
3. Love Is Here
4. How Insensitive
5. I Will Wait For You
6. On The Path Of Glory

    4. Lover Man

Chet Atkins & Jerry Read...320 Kbps

 If you take two of the best guitarists of today and put them together then you will have a "Magic" album and this is it !!!! need to say anymore just listen especially to the track "Ol Man River"

P.S. This is a great L/P...It shows how Guitar's should be played !!

1. Tennessee Stud
2. Bridge Over Troubled Water
3. MacArthur Park
4. O'l Man River
5. Nut Sundae

1. Cannonball Rag
2. Wreck Of The John B
3. Stump Water
4. The January Feruary March
5. Something

   4. O'l  Man River

The Swingle Singers....320 Kbps

I think that you either love or hate "The Swingle Singers"....soooooooooooo you doubters out there give it a go you might be surprised and enjoy it !!

1. Concerto For Six (Tellmann)..Allegro;Adagio;Presto;Adagio;Allegro
2. La Couperin (Couperin)
3. Gigue (Tellmann)..Suite For Strings "La Lyra
4. Fugue In D Minor (G.Muffat)

1. Presto (Tellmann)..Trio Sonata In E Major
2. Larghetto (Telmann)..Concerto In A Major For Oboe d'amore And Strings
3. Coucou (Daquin)
4. Presto (Marcello)..Sonata No 4
5. Allegro (Quanz)..Trio Sonata In C Minor
6. Andante Moderato (Quance)..Trio Sonata In C Minor
7. Vivace (Quance)..Trio Sonata In C Minor

   1. Presto

Cyril Ornadel & The Stereo Action Orch....320 Kbps

Another easy listening L/P with another label attempt at the "Stereo" bandwaggon....I don't think that anyone will beat the "Phase 4" Stereo sound that was and maybe still is produced by the "Decca" label.....A good selection of tunes from the films....but unfortunatly they are sounding the same..... tempo wise and production wise !!!

1. The Good Bad & The Ugly
2. Everybody's Talkin'
3. I Will Wait For You
4. Windmills Of Your Mind
5. Lara's Theme
6. Lawrence Of Arabia

1. The Magnifcent Seven
2. A Man And A Woman
3. Zorba's Dance
4. Born Free
5. More
6. Moon River
   4. Windmills Of Your Mind

Peggy Lee...320 Kbps

 Nice one from 1958 with "Nelson Riddle"...both Peggy and Nelson are swinging as only they can!!

1. Jump For Joy
2. Back In Your Own Back Yard
3. When My Sugar Walks Down The Street
4. I Hear Music
5. Just In Time
6. Old Devil Moon

1. What A Little Moonlight Can Do 
2. For Or Five Times
3. Music Music Music
4. Cheek to Cheek
5. The Glory Of Love
6. Ain't We Got Fun

   3. When My Sugar Walks Down The Street

Monday, 27 January 2020

Francoise Hardy

Re-Post Requested By Anonymous.

A set of French Songs sung by the soft voice of Francoise Hardy...

   1. Des Ronds Dans L'eau