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Saturday, 22 October 2016

John Miles

Something from the 70's now....Great symphonic track his hit "Music" !!..and "Highfly" sounds familiar !!....and you can hear all the lyrics !!!...ref "Adam Ant" below !!!!

Joe Piano Henderson

Piano tracks from the laid back style of "Joe Henderson" who at one time 50's & 60's was Petula Clark's pianist and companion for a while they recorded songs together and I believe  he was also a song writer....his style is very laid back like a keyboard "Perry Como" !!!...this is the first time I've heard his solo L/P's and yep !! the boy had style !!

Quadrophenia.320 Kbps

Didn't get to see the film but I believe it's a "Classic" about the "Mods & "Rockers" in the mid 60's 70's it put "The Who" firmly on the "Pop" ladder to fame !!...this is a double L/P with obviously 4 sides !!!


Charles Aznavour

"Aznavour" singing his songs in English !!...great voice !!


Betty Blake

Another singer I have not heard of but is great.... crystal clear voice... so thanks "John" for this one !!....I guess there must be loads of singers out there of this calibre that never got the recognition that they have a listen and hear what might have been !!!

Betty Blake is not alone in being a singer people hear for the first time and wonder why she wasn’t a major star, but in her case the question is doubly bedeviling because she so clearly had it all. On her only album, In a Tender Mood, recorded for Bethlehem in 1961, she is simply spectacular: swooning and seductive on the exotic ballad “Moon and Sand,” with its spare, tropical flavor enhanced by guitarist Kenny Burrell; vivacious and swinging on “Let There Be Love,” a soaring sentiment goosed along by Mel Waldron’s rich arrangement centered on textures alternately soothing and celebratory; positively sensual and engagingly didactic on “It’s So Peaceful In the Country,” delivered in a pastoral setting enhanced by Burrell’s sexy guitar, Teddy Charles’ atmospheric vibes, and the warm sax work of Zoot Sims. Many of the songs here are written or co-written by Alec Wilder, who worked in both the classical and pop fields with great success (Sinatra once conducted an album of Wilder’s classical compositions). After ’61 Betty Blake was never heard from again until 2001, when notices appeared of her death from cancer at age 63. Twelve pages into a Google search produces nothing save press release boilerplate about her album reissue. Gone Girl,truly!

Pam Ayres.320 Kbps

Something entirely different now...I guess this will not be to everybody taste but be brave and adventurous and listen to some "British Humour" !!!

 Pam Ayres MBE (born 14 March 1947) is an English poet, comedian, songwriter and presenter of radio and television programmes.
 In 1975, Ayres appeared on the television talent show Opportunity Knocks. This led to a wide variety of guest appearances on TV and radio shows.[3] Since then she has published six books of poems, toured in a one-woman stage show, hosted her own TV show and performed her stage show for the Queen.Her poetry has a deceptively simple style and deals with everyday subject matter. Her poem Oh, I Wish I'd Looked After Me Teeth, was voted into the Top 10 of a BBC poll to find the Nation's 100 Favourite Comic Poems. In the UK Arts Council's report on poetry, Ayres was identified as the fifth best-selling poet in Britain in 1998 and 1999.

 1. The Battery Hen
2. Oh I Wish I'd Looked After Me Teeth
3. Minnie Dyer
4. In Fear Of The Butcher
5. Like You Would
6. The Hegg
7. Pam Ayes And The Embarrassing Experience With The Parrot
8. Don't Sell Our Edgar no More Violins
9. Not You Basil

1. In Defence Of Hedgehogs
2. Time
3. The Stuffed Horse
4. I'm A Starling..Me Darling
5. The Bike
6. Fling Another Chair Leg On The Fire Mother
7. Father Dear Father Come Home With Me Now
8. Good Will To Men Give Us Your Money
9. Oh No I've Got A Cold

Adam And The Ants.320 Kbps

We now seem to be dipping our toe's in the1980's via that Darn' "DeLorean" Car !!!...
I'm sure that there is loads of people out in this wide world that loved this L/P when it first came out probably if I was born in the 70's I might as well !!....Its Okay plenty of OOOmph
but far far to loud the balance between the vocals and orchestra/band was way out....still I supose that was how they recorded things in the 80's....But it would have been nice to hear the lyrics so you could understand the songs !!....I did get that "Picasso Visited The Planet Of The Apes " !!!.....and the "Ant Rap" is good what you can hear of it !!!!

1. Scorpios
2.  Picasso Visita El Planeta De Los Simios
3. Prince Charming
4. Five Guns West
5. That Voodo

1. Stand And Deiver
2. Mile High Club / Ant Rap
3. Mohok
4. Wimoweh


Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass.320 kbps

Christmas comes early in "Leicester" !!!!...some definitely different arrangements of some classic Xmas songs !!

1. Winter Wonderland
2. Jingle Bells
3. My Favourite Things
4. The Christmas Song
5. Las Manaitas

1. Sleigh Ride
2. The bell That Couldn't Jingle 
3. Let It Snow Let it Snow Let It Snow
4. Jingle Bell Rock
5. Jesu joy Of Man's Desiring


The 5th Dimension

The Fifth Dimesion with their hit and other not so well known tracks...I didn't realise how good they are having only heard my L/P "Portrait"....but everything is said on the back sleeve and I endorse the view !!!


Thursday, 20 October 2016

Aled Jones.320 Kbps

Something different now !!!..not had a "Boy Soprano" on here yet but now is the time  !!.. this recording was made in  1987 to be exact.... so today he is in his 40's and with a "Baritone "voice and later on I am posting his version of songs that he has recorded with himself when he was a"Soprano"...should be interesting

Aled Jones 320 Kbps

This one is from 1985 two years earlier than the "Sailing" L/P and you can tell by his voice and the picture both are younger !! (Sometimes I do tend to state the obvious) !!...
Also on this L/P there are tracks by the "Welsh Choir and Symphony Orchestra" !!!
Told you that we have some different L/P's !!!

The Collection

This is a bit of a scary cover !!...hope her name is not "Mary" !!
Anyway here is a selection of "The Stone's" hits by maybe a tribute band but who knows!!.. in the 70's there were a number of record labels that were putting out cheaper L/P's with cover versions by some very good sound alike singers I guess that this is one of them !!....I did do a search but there is a group called "The Collection" but I doubt whether its this one.!!!
So listen and take it as it was meant to be "A Tribute" !!

Top Of The Pops

Obviously these are not the original versions of  the songs but on some of them if you were not aware your ears could fool you !!!... A compilation from the 70's.

1. Sylvia's Mother 
2. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
3. Mad About You
4. Circles
5. I Can See Clearly Now
6. Brandy Your'e a Fine Girl 

1. Puppy Love
2. Automatically Sunshine
3. Join Together
4. Theme From The Godfather
5. Starman
6. Seaside Shuffle


Paul McCartney.320 KBps

Ok now we have the start of contributions from "Folks" from the "Gym" which I go to three mornings a week !!....once I get back from all the "Carpet Flying" ("New York Record Shop..John") and that exhausting swim across the " Channel" ("Belgium"..Bob") we have some new names to thank !!!..."Jenny" for a start !!!

This I believe was the first effort of "Paul's after he left the "Beatles" and before the emergance of "Wings" me it seems that he was doing a bit of musical experimentation on this L/P before the blossoming of "Wings" !!!

1. The Lovely Linda
2. That Would Be Something
3. Valentine Day
4. Every Night
5. Hot As Sun 
6. Glasses
7. Junk
8. Man We Was Lonely

1. Oo You
2. Momma Miss America
3. Teddy Boy
4. Singalong Junk
5. Maybe I'm Amazed
6. Kreen-Akrore

Bert Kaempfert & Orchestra.320 Kbps

The lush orchestra and great arrangements of "Bert Kaempfert" a double helping this time !!

1. Strangers in The Night
2. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
3. But Not Today
4. Time On My Hands
5. Milica
6. Mexican Shuffle

1. Show Me The Way To Go Home 
2. Two Can Live On Love Alone
3. Every Sunday Morning
4. Boo-Hoo
5. Tijuana Taxi
6. Forgive Me


Bert Kaempfert & Orchestra.320 Kbps

Nice relaxing music to just shut your eyes and listen !!

1. Gemma
2. Imbote
3. Where Flamingo's Fly
4. Ducky
5. Living It Up

1. Rose Engeitada
2. Skokiaan
3. Lullaby For Lovers
4. Now And Forever
5. Tricky Trombone