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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Cliff Richard...320 Kbps

This must have been a great concert at Wembley it says 1990 on the record and sleeve so that makes it 25 years old which is about right looking at Cliff's hairstyle !!....Cliff's name on the cover is in Silver so that colour doesn't do to well when you scan !!...the songs are all his hits past and present and judging by the applause it was a great show....I wonder if there is anybody out there looking in that was there....Be great to hear about it if there was !!
There is a slight jump on side three towards the end which was my fault...My turntable and pick-up arm are very sensitive the slightest movement and it jumps I moved and away it went !!...if it was a single track I would have recorded it again..but as it was recorded side by side so as it was nearly finished I didn't...It does not deter from a great sounding and excellent Concert from "Cliff"!!!!