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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Shirley Bassey

Once again we have "Shirley" from the 60's singing as only she can with two of her Top hits and the rest of the L/P is made up of "Standards"

Better remember to lock up !!!...cant have anyone pinching "John's" L/P's otherwise we won't have any to post !!!!


Petula Clark

I think we will end this session with two of "England's" best known female singers who have travelled the world to entertain everybody....Two distintive voices that need no introduction of who they are.....And I've met both of them !!!..."Petula" twice once in the 50's and again in the 80's..."Shirl" in the early 60's when she was doing the "Variety" circuit !!


Nancy Wilson

It seems that we have only got Side One of this L/P.....must have lost the other side as I left the Record Shop or maybe its still whirring around in space and maybe it will land in "Leicester" soon !!! or maybe the "Martians" "Venusians" Ect like "Nancy Wilson" and are hanging onto it for a while !!!

1. Unchain My Heart
2.  Go Away Little Boy
3.  Wives An Lovers
4.  I Left My Heart In San Francisco
5.  The Good Life
6.  One Note Samba

Helen Shapiro

This is a great L/P from "Helen" and if she was sixteen as the title say's her voice was very mature for her age...the songs are varied and her version of "I Want To Be Happy" is fantastic its just like the tracks from my other post of "Helens" "Straighten Up Fly Right" so give them both a listen and be amazed !!!

The Four Preps

This is a new one for me....very simular sound to "The Lettermen" with shades of "The Four Aces" !! and as I like the vocal groups that fine by me a good mixture of songs not heard of any of them so I guess it will be the more I hear it the better it will become !!!

Etta James

Anybody who watches TV and drinks "Pepsi- Cola" or was it ("Coca Cola").. in England.....will recognise track 1 on Side 2..... "Etta" sings the difinitive version of "At Last"
and the other tracks are pure magic!!!


Claude Taylor & Orchestra

Soooo now we have a Sexy Sax !!!


Cilla Black

Great to find this one an early set of songs by "Cilla" produced by the the 5th "Beatle" George Martin !!!!


Monday, 8 August 2016

Anita O'Day

Must have fallen asleep because it seems I'm still in that record shop in "New York" !!!...must have been dreaming !! Or Something !!! another good look around for some "Goodies" before "John" gets in !!!....and Bingo !! got a corker for a start !!!....This is a great "Live "