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Friday, 19 August 2016

Kurt Edelhagen & Orchestra

Another great orchestra that will keep you dancing around the room if that's your inclination !! or maybe like me just have a listen....done all the Dancing ! Jive ! Bop ! and other contortions to last me!! fact "Got The T Shirt" Ect !!!!!...Very nice informative notes on the back sleeve which makes a change !!


Artie Shaw & Orchestra

Another couple from "Belgium"....Its great to see that these are the original recordings on the back sleeve they give you the year which is good info for all the big band fans !!...also great to read the line up of instrumentalists as well !!


Bing Crosby & Ella Fitzgerald

Found the Video below when seaching for the "Bing" Video...just couldn't resist posting it !!
what a great performance... doubt whether we will see anything like that again !!!

Bing Crosby & Ella Fitzgerald - Hollywood Palace Medley

Ambrose & His Orchestra

Hope none of you have got "Jet Lag" after that trip across "The Pond" Co'ss off we go across the channel this time visiting "Bob" for some musical "Goodies" get your dancing shoes on and have a "Twirl".....I Guess that this is not "Ambrose" recordings from the 30's & 40's !!!


Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Venons Girls

So now to round of this vist to "New York" we have a very "British" vocal group made up of girls that worked at that time at "Vernons Football Pools"

 The Vernons Girls were an English musical ensemble of female vocalists. They were formed at the Vernons football pools company[1] in the 1950s in Liverpool, settling down to a sixteen strong choir[1] and recording an album of standards.
 Led by Maureen Kennedy, from 1961 the group reduced their membership to five and then three members,[2] and by 1962 had signed to Decca Records where they recorded covers of American hits. Their cover of the Drifters' "Lover Please" and "You Know What I Mean" were both hits; the latter was also originally the B-side of "Lover Please". In the US the group charted with the first Beatles tribute album there, We Love The Beatles. As The Carefrees, they also charted with "We Love You Beatles", and made an album only available in the United States.

So here is most of the single's and Ep's that they recorded !!

1. Lover Please
2. You Know What I Mean
3. Dat's Love
4. Be Nice To Him Mama
5. Don't Wanna Go
6. The Locomotion
7. See For Yourself
8. Funny All Over
9. Do The Bird
10. I'm Gonna Let My Hair Down
11. Stay at Home
12. He'll Never Come back
13. Mama Doesn't Know
14. Just Another Girl
15. Tommorow Is Another Day
16. Why Why Why
17. Hey Lover Boy
18. Stupid Little Girl
19. We Love The Beatles
20. Only You Can Do It
21. It's A Sin To Tell a Lie
22. Don't Say Goodbye 


The Moody Blues

I think that I might be right in saying that this is the first of the "Moody's" excursion into the "Pop" "Classic" Fusion !!......The begining track is a bit long winded in starting so please be patience !!


Stevie Wonder

You only have to look at the back cover photo to realise that this is some of "Stevie's" early recording's that set him off to the dizzy heights of "The Greats"....most of his early hits are here !!


Nancy Wilson

So now we have the full two sides of this L/P....the previous post of "Nancy's" was according to an "Annon" comment a EP of the same name....must have not had my "Specs" on when visiting the record shop !! and couldn't tell the difference in size !!

Kay Starr

This is a great L/P with "Kay" at her peak orchestrations great so what you waiting for !! give it a download !!

Henry Mancini & Orchestra

Lets have a bit of "Big Band Swing" but not with the "Big Band Greats"...surprisingly "Henry Mancini" is giving it a go !!....I am listenimg to it now as I am posting so up to now sounds "Cool"!!

Peggy Lee

This is Peggy at her sultry best with the "Bonus" of "Frank Sinatra" conducting the orchestra
I would think that that was a "Gimicky" thing to do just to sell the idea of another big name on the record to sell it..I believe that there is also another L/P out there that "Frank Sinatra" conducts the orchestra with "Dean Martin " as the singer... I might be wrong but did FS ever front and conduct an orchestra without singers ????...Oooooops.... just read the back sleeve.. He Did !! with an L/P called "Tone Poems Of Colour"...That sounds a bit deep !!Wonder if it sold !!!


Aretha Franklin

Next lot are from USA via "John" at the record shop and "Bob" from "Belguim" all great L/P's that I hope every one will enjoy...can't say too much about them because I will have only heard then as I record them come on folks lets have some "Comments" be them "Good " Bad" or even "Indiference"...."Kudos" (Praise) to "John" & "Bob"

1. You Made Me Love You
2. I Told You So
3. Rock-a-Bye Your Baby
4. Nobody Like You
5. Exacly Like You
6. It So Heartbreakin'

1. Rough Lover
2. Blue Holiday
3. Just For You
4. That Lucky Old Sun
5. I Surreder Dear
6. Ac-Cent Tchu-Ate The Positive

Before the next post here's a lttle "Quizicle" track that might be of interest to the "Musical Experts" that might be tuning in !!!...Just about getting used to it myself and liking it more each time I play it..!!...Question is "Who Is It" ???...I know but do You !!!!...easy for the fans of the singer !!!....but just a little harder for those not in the Know !!!

Werner Muller & Orchestra..320 Kbps


 This is another L/P that will bring out the best of your Stereo equipment as you can see it is a "Phase 4" recording and it is brilliant....I usually play it full blast...making sure that next door is out !!!....So all you "Stereo Fanatics" out there give it a go and hope if you play it loud it doesn't "Blow" your speakers...Best track is definitely "Blue Moon"...

 1. You Are My Lucky Star
2. The High And Mighty
3. Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
4. I Got The Sun In The Morning
5. Blue Moon
6. Look For A Star

1. Moonlight Becomes You 
2. Over The Rainbow
3. I'm Sitting On Top Of The World
4. The Moon Was Yellow
5. Stairway To The Stars
6. When You Wish Upon A Star

Annie Haslam..320.Kbps

  Here's one from the late 70's "Annie Haslam" was the lead singer in the group "Renaissance" don't know whether the group is still going today and she is still in it..will have to Google it and find out...But it's a good L/P it is produced and arranged by "Roy Wood"....Two tracks stand out

"If I Loved You" note the Russian Music style arrangement and "Rockalise"....Love the cover done by "Roy Wood" seems he had quite an input still I suppose if you produce something then it's your baby !!.........last track is cool as well I'll just say "Hovis"...I wonder how many people will get the connection.........

P.S. This is definitely one of my favourite L/P's loved it when I bought it and still play it regular I also bought it on CD when at that time it was the thing to do in 1978 !! I have said many times before "Don't Time Fly "!!!!!!....If anybody wants a surprise.... download it and listen to Track One Side Two...for pure Magic !!!...and you won't hear anything of "Nat King Cole" on "Nature Boy" !!!!!!
1. Introlise / If I Were Made Of Music
2.  I Never Believed In Love
3. If I Loved You
4. Hunioco

1. Rockalise
2. Nature Boy
3. Inside my life
4. Going Home

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Ella Fitzgerald..320 Kbps

 Volume 1 of the first of the songbooks that Ella has done....This songbook and the "Rogers & Hart "are the best...

 1. All Through The Night
2. Anything Goes
3. Miss Otis Regrets
4. Too Darn Hot
5. In The Still Of The Night
6. I Get A Kick Out Of You
7. Do I Love You
8. Always True To You In My Fashion

1. Lets Do it
2. Just One Of Those Things
3. Ev'rytime We Say Goodbye
4. Begin The Beguine
5. Get Out Of Town
6. I Am In Love
7. From This Moment On