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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Mose Allison

With a click of the heels !!...we have now landed in "New York" it's "Partly Cloudy" and Temp 22 c ...thats the same in "Leicester" but Temp is 16 c......So lets have a rummage in the "Record Store"!!!!

As you are aware I do like the "Old Joanna"(Piano)!! this was the first one to be tucked under my arm!!....I have not heard of this guy name yes, but never had a listen to his work...Wish I had done that earlier !!....if you like piano then give it a listen !!

The Boswell Sisters

Just come across a box of 78's so "John" has kindly wrapped them all up for me so they wont get broken 78's are brittle and prone to break if you sit on them " or drop them !!! enjoy some 100% vintage sounds !!!

1. Doggone I've Done It
2. Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
3. Gee But I'd Like To Make You Happy
4. Were On The Hoighway To Heaven
5. Crazy People
6. Bell Bottom Trousers
7. Coffee In The Morning Kisses At Night
8. Me Minus You

The Pasadina Roof Orchestra

Have we stepped into a "Time Warp" !!!!!!!.......Nah ! its an English orchestra doing to 20's !!

 The Pasadena Roof Orchestra (commonly abbreviated to PRO) is a contemporary band from England that specialises in the jazz and swing genres of music of the 1920s and 1930s, although their full repertoire is considerably wider. The orchestra has existed since 1969, although the line-up has frequently changed. It has achieved success outside of the United Kingdom.

Pat Boone

I should think that this is a very early "Pat Boone" selection not a "Speedy" in sight !!
Is "Bill Haley" in the background ??.. !!!!!!

1. Flip Flob And Fly
2. Pledging My love
3. Money Honey
4. Tomorrow Night
5. Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
6. Shake A Hand

1. Honey Hush
2. Please Send Me Someone To Love
3. I'm In Love Again
4. Rock Around The Clock
5. Shot Gun Boogie
6. Five Ten Fifteen Hours

Malcolm Roberts

A selection now from the "Power Ballad" singer who should have had more recognition than he had in the late 60's 70's !!!.....Three of the tracks are well known songs and this includes his "Hit""Love Is All"....he should have had more !!!

Joe Harris

Never heard of this singer before but he has quite a good voice and the accent adds to the voice to make it to me it a good L/P !!.....Shades Of "Engelbert" in parts !!!

 Joe Harris (Bruges, 25 December 1943 to 1 June 2003) was a Flemish singer.
Harris was born in Bruges, as Georges Lisabeth. He was the youngest child. His parents drove a grocery and a cafe. At twelve, he recorded his first album under the name Harris Joske. He was known as a singer in the sixties and seventies. Initially he sang English songs with Joe Harris and his band The Pink Umbrellas. In 1968 the band had two hits with Hope of a Miracle and Daisy Does. Another English song is' Home isn't home anymore "from 1969. In the seventies, he switched to Dutch. 

Johnny Mathis

Seems that we are still in "Belgium" lets have some vocals this time.....First off is JM joining in on the first two tracks with a "Doo Wop" group the rest of the tracks are popular songs ranging from the 50's maybe the 80's...all in all a good selection that keeps you interested till the last track !!

Little Richard

We've had lots of rain in England the last couple of days so a swim across the channel is definatly a "No No" and double "NO NO" for a swim across the pond !!!
So out comes that "Carpet" and off we go first to visit "Bob" in "Belgium" to see what he comes up with !!!

First we have 22 hot tracks from "Little Dick" !!...(Not being facetious but in case some don't know "Dick" is short for "Richard") !!....all of his hits are here plus !!

The King's Singers

Now for something completly different...still listening to this one and I think I like it !!
(Go on take a chance have a listen ) !!!

The Comedian Harmonists were an internationally famous, all-male German close harmony ensemble that performed between 1928 and 1934 as one of the most successful musical groups in Europe before World War II.

Johnny Pearson

Let's keep the mood easy !!..with a selection of "Piano" based  songs of the 70's....

The New Symphony Of London Orchestra

Change of pace and style now...when I got this one from "Bob" I was a bit puzzled !..its a good selection of pretty well known tunes and Its a good easy listening L/P BUT why the title "Ketelbey" off I went to "Google" and did the "Google Bit" and it turns out that all the tracks of this L/P where written by "Albert Ketelbey" 1875-1959"....all the tracks are long tracks and some of the melody's are definatly well known !!.....This is a great L/P and well worth a listen to....Played by "The New London Symphony Orchestra conducted by
"Robert (Bob) Sharples"....well you learn something new every day !!!....Thanks "Bob" for this little "Gem"!!

Friday, 16 September 2016

Louis Jordan

Lets keep the tempo up with some of "Louis" classic tracks and "Get With It "!!


Caterina Valente.320 Kpbs

Here's Caterina in a very low voice mode...completely different voice forget the high note gymnastics and get down and groovy....the style and orchestrations are definatley in the 70's flower power era....But what are "Ol' Man River" and "C'est Si Bon" doing there!!!
It is a very different Valente but nevertheless a good L/P...This version is an American Release and the Stereo is very track is"O'l Man River"!!

1. We Can Work It Out
2. You've Got Your Troubles
3. Music To Watch Girls By
4. Ol' Man River
5. San Francisco
6. Blueberry Hill

1. Don't Sleep In The Subway
2. C'est Si Bon
3. Waterloo Sunset
4. Terrible Feeling
5. I Dig Rock And Roll Music
6. Happy Together

Jack Jones 320Kbps

 Here is another well sung compilation from JJ...Trawled from I imagine tracks from his  Albums/L/P's....Even though most of the songs here are been sung to death by different singers the arrangements are first class and different from the originals which make then seem like new!!

 1. A Lot Of Livin' To Do
2. Wouldn't It Be Loverly
3. Shall We Dance
4. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
5. It Only Takes A Moment
6. People Will Say Were In Love
7. Every Time We Say Goodbye

1. My Favourite Things
2. People
3. I Love Paris
4. Luck Be A Lady Tonight
5. Embraceable You
6. Thank Heaven For Little Girls
7. Don't Rain On My Parade

Shirley Bassey..320 Kbps

 Ok lets start this session with some Re-Posts before we go "World Hopping"!!!!

  "Dame Shirl" a little older now from the last post.... we are in the 70's and she is now an established performer !!!

 There's not much to say about a "Bassey" live performance except just listen !!.....Recorded as Side One & Side Two !!

1. Star Theme & Does Anybody Miss Me & Something Coming
2. As I Love You
3. You Are My Way Of Life
4. I Must Know
5. You Can Have Him
6. The Lady Is A Tramp

1. Big Spender
2. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
3. I Who Have Nothing
4. The Joker
5. Funny Girl
6. You And I
7 This Is My Life & Star Theme

Sunday, 11 September 2016

"Quizicle"..answer !!

Answer to the "Quizicle" "Bewitched Bothered And Bewildered" was...
"Lets Have A Drum Roll" !!!!......."Tony Hadley" & "Carol Kidd"......
Only one got it congrats "Btvan20".....he's a clever guy !! or has the songs in his collection !! interesting to find out !!!


This is an unusual one hope you like the song because there are 21 versions of it !! it is one of my favourite songs so I thought i would share it !!!....the versions are very varied and some might seem strange but it worth a download just to hear all the differences !!

There is a bit of an "Advert" between tracks 8-9 so don't get worried when the Gal starts talking about an MP3 file programe its okay its no problem !!!

The Four Lads

Nothing ambiguous about this L/P it is what it is a great group from "Canada" from the 50's & 60's Swingin' some standard songs !!


Lonnie Donegan

Back from over the pond now !!..and fancy a "Golden Oldie" featuring some long gone "Skiffle"....listening to it now seems to be made up with "CW" style "Blues" Style....Its a good retrospect L/P and one of the best that I have heard of "Lonnie's !!...more "Blues" than "Skiffle"!!!