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Friday, 14 October 2016

Perry Como

The laid back voice of "Mr C" will be fading away as I get on that rowing boat and start rowing back over the channel to "Blighty "...thanks "Bob" for the L/P's back soon !!! think I'll catch that "Carpet" next time!!! my arms are begining to ache with all this exercise !!!

Diana Dors

Re-Posts will be continued later...we now have some delights from the USA via "John" and "Bob" who is in "Belgium" as everybody must now know !!!
And I have managed to get some L/P's to post from friends at the "Gym"so expect something different later on !!....I have now exhausted all my L/P collection so if anybody wants any Re-Posted let me know.....At the moment I am finding it difficult to borrow any L/P's to post on here...I would have thought that there must be loads of people who have boxes of L/P's in their loft or garage that hav'nt been played for years gathering dust !! if anybody from "Leicester" is looking in get in touch via "Comments" or "Comment Box" on your Right !!!
Ok now back to the music "Diana" has a good singing voice and its a pity that she did not do more than this L/P which I believe is the only on she did !...or am I wrong !!
Dig that "Roller Coaster Blues" !!!!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Sammy Davis & Laurindo Almeida

Here's a great one  "Sammy Davies" with just a Guitar and it shows what a great voice that he had....not many singers would be brave enough to sing  without the backing of an Orchestra!! and it works !!


Ronnie Carroll

Seems I've taken root in the RS !!!.. How's about a cuppa tea John !!....Oooop's USA time cuppa Coffee I mean !!!.....and what do I spy an "English" singer from the 50's / 60's and the husband of "Millicent Martin from 1958 to 1960 that was a short one !!
Here he is singing standards and he does a good job with all of them !!....shades of "Nat King Cole" on "Baby Won't You Say You Love Me " !!!

Pat Morrissey.

This was the first time that I have heard of this singer....Boy ! she's good and got a  very distinctive voice !!
 Could'nt have put it better myself !!!.....give it a download and hear something Cool !!

Sex And The Single Girl...Film

Still "Browsing" in the record shop !!....Can't remember if I've seen the film but the music is good !!


Eartha Kitt

Another one from "The Record Shop" across the explanation is necessary "Eartha " is like "Marmite" you either like her or not !!!...this L/P has most of her early hits... I first got acquainted with Eartha when i heard "Uska Dara" and it took me ages to get the record 78 rpm at that time 45's were in their infancy !!!

Carly Simon.320 Kbps

Re- Post

 This is one of Carly's early recordings in fact I think it might be her first L/P...I like Carly's voice and the tracks are all original songs presumably written by her....Unfortunately this came to me with no sleeve so there is no information and it is a Japanese release and on the Label there is no reference who has written the songs....Maybe someone out there can fill in the gaps!!! song to me is "The Girl That You Think You Are"

Louis Clark & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested By Enio Erasmo Alves

 Brilliant concept and the first of the "Hooked" Series....Maybe the constant beat does wear a bit thin after a while...Could have done without it on the "Mendelssohn" Violin track apart from that a cool L/P...I wonder if it made anyone have a listen to the originals !!

1. Hooked On Classics Parts 1 & 2
2. Hooked On Romance
3. Hooked On Classics Part 3
4.Hooked On Bach

1. Hooked On Tchaikovsky
2. Hooked On A Song
3. Hooked On Mozart
4. Hooked On Mendelssohn
5. Hooked On A Can Can

Johnny Mathis.320 Kbps

 This is Johnny Mathis in his early days....I think it was about his third L/P....A good set of songs that certainly put him on the road to success...

 1. Warm
2. My One And Only Love
3. Baby Baby Baby
4. A Handfull of Stars
5. By Myself
6. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face

1. Then I'll Be Tired Of You
2. I'm Glad There is You
3. What'll I Do
4. The Lovely Things You Do
5. There Goes My Heart
6. While We're Young