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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Jo Stafford

There's some great music in this record store and here's one !!! you can see "Jo Stafford" Plus "Jazz" a great combination and she sure swings !!!...highly recommended !!...and It's great "Stereo" !!

1. Just Sqeeze Me
2. For You
3. Midnight Sun
4. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
5. The Folks Who Live On The Hill
6. I Didn't Know About You

1. What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry 
2. Dream Of You
3. Imagination
4. S'posin'
5. Day Dream
6. I've Got The World On A String

  02 - For You.mp3


espo said...

Enjoy !

BobSanders said...

Unfortunately his and the Beverley Sisters seem to have nasties attached, They wont download for me because my Virus checker throws them out.

espo said...

Hi bob...I have downloaded and checked both files....Download no problem and checked the files with "Kaspersky" and "Malware" both say files are ok Zero Threats !!....

There is this scam that is going around and I quote from "Computer Active Magazine"
"A tech support Scam that makes a browser Freeze or hang then displays a phone number or a voice that tells you to call to fix the problem..Victims will see a screen with a message that states
that the PC has been infected and bank details credit card numbers and passwords have been stolen ...I have had it a couple of times..I just switched computer off..then switched it back on after a few mins..did a "Kaspersky" scan and a "Malweare" scan they were clesr so everything was ok...
The Scam is that they try to get you to ring the number at a "Premium Rate...Researcher have said that they reported the scam to "Google" and they are looking into it....hope this helps !!!

espo said...

Hi if anybody else has a problem with this file let me know and I will delete it..cheers,,, Luigi

BobSanders said...

Thanks. Yes I recognize that scam but not in connection with this file. By the way the Bevs now seems to be ok so I will try this one again although I have tried it three times ! Pity because I would have liked it. Anyway many, many thanks for all the recordings you have made available.

BobSanders said...

Got it now ! Must have been a blip !

Paul Redbeard said...

Great music - many thanks, Paul

gpdlt2010 said...

Downloaded without a problñem. Stafford is a treasure!!