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Monday, 23 January 2017

Michael Holiday

Holliday's style of singing was heavily influenced by Bing Crosby, who was his idol. The style would earn him the title of "the British Bing Crosby". A biography entitled The Man Who Would Be Bing, written by Ken Crossland, was published in 2004.

1. The Yellow Rose Of Texas
2. Nothin' To Do
3. Old Cape Cod
4. Palace of Love
5. I'll Always be in Love With You
6. Ten Thousand Miles 
7. Hot Diggity

1. Stairway Of Love
2. Starry Eyed
3. My Heart Is An Open Book
4. Dream Talk
5. The Gal With The Yaller Shoes
6. In Love
7. The Story Of My Life 14 -the-story-of-my-life.mp3


espo said...

Enjoy !

den81164 said...

the sample tune is an instrumental....not michael holiday.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much bless you :)