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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Help wanted !!

It seems that when I open my Blog on "Firefox" and also on "Chrome" I have lost The "Zippy" player to play the track and also The comment and request box...Its all ok on "Internet Explorer"but it does ask me if I want to show All Content !!.....does anybody else have that problem when they visit my blog
I have tried re-installing "Flash Player" and also Re-installed Firefox And Chrome they are both the latest versions....Done a scan on "Kasperskey" and "Malware"both say ok...for the past year or so been using "Firefox" to do the blog...any info would be great to try ...Cheers...Luigi..


Soupdrinker said...

Hi Luigi just letting you know I use firefox exclusively for this site and currently the comment section for individual posts works fine however the comment/request section on the right side when browsing does not work for me and the highlighted track doesn't play either. ZS links for individual posts seems to be working fine as well. Hope everything gets sorted for you bud :)

Mark said...

Hi Luigi

I am getting the same on my own blog, Easy Listening World, I think it may be because the page is a secure one and the Zippy player is not secure. I do not know how to sort this though.


BobSanders said...

Yes I have that problem on Chrome but IE is ok.

Anonymous said...

Hello Luigi,

I am using Chrome exclusively for your blog, and 2 days ago everything was working just fine. This morning however, the player is there but it will not work. I scrolled down in the player and these comments were at the bottom. "Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin."

Hope this helps, I don't know anything about these computer things. I can only push the buttons and hope for the best, otherwise, I'm lost.


Armpit Studios said...

Notice that the area where the player is has scrollbars. If you scroll down, you'll see that it requires a Flash update. Bleh! Stupid Flash. Isn't it dead yet?