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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Petula Clark..320 Kbps

This is an interesting alternative !!! with an extra track for good measure !!...and its a Mini CD !!

1. I Couldn't Live Without Your Love...( Extended Version )..89 Mix.
2.  I Couldn't Live Without Your love...89 Mix.
3. I Couldn't Live Without Your Love...( Original )
4. Come On Home
5. Call Me...( 89 Mix)
6. Happy Heart...( Junior Vasquez Remix )

2. I Couldn't Live Without Your Love.

Monday, 22 April 2019

Sue & Sunny

I like this one it's a bit on the quirky side doesn't really come into any category but the voices are cool....If you remember "Joe Cocker's" "With A Little Help From My Friends" they are the backing vocalists....whoever designed the cover should have had his or her glasses on because the reverse side of the L/P is black and silver and you can't read anything that's why I've not bothered to scan it because all you would see would be a black 12 inch Blob!!!!!..........BUT the "net" came to the rescue and wallah !..a red black & white one found .
Best track is definitely "You Devil Cotton Eyed Joe"

1. Let Us Break Bread Together
2. Follow The Path
3. People Get Ready
4. You Devil Cotton Eyed Joe
5. Don't You Know I Love You
6. Little Green Apples

1. Michael From Mountains
2. Goodbye Big Town
3. After St Francis
4. The Love We Never Knew
5. Put Your Tears Away
6. River Deep Mountain High

4. You Devil Cotton Eyed Joe.