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Monday, 13 May 2019

Petula Clark.

This L/P is also known as "The Pink Album" to the fans of Petula Clark and is known as one of the best ones she has recorded....Most of the songs on it are written by "Tony Hatch & Jackie Trent" so it does have a good pedigree it is also arranged and produced by "Tony Hatch"

 7. Kiss Me Goodbye.

Judy Garland.

Track 1 on this L/P the orchestration by Nelson Riddle is one of the best !!...I bet Judy was out of breath when she finished the track...This is Judy at her vocal peak the rest of the tracks are all good... a good cross section of songs that fits her voice like a glove...just listen and be "Wowed"..

1. Come Rain Or Come Shine.

Bette Midler.

This I believe is Bette's first L/P partly produced by her then pianist a certain "Barry Manilow"....I bought it because of the track "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"and thought at the time that she had a so-so voice sounding like so many other singers....Apart from "Boogie" I thought her tracks with all the girl chorus's and loads going on were a bit much of a row and I still have that opinion and can't think why she decided to do a repeat track of "Friends"which is the worst on the L/P !!!...SAYING THAT !!!...I think that the tracks were she sings on her own are great and "Superstar" is one of the best versions around today....And I did get to like the L/P a lot "Hello In There" is superb so is "Am I Blue"and I wish she had carried on "Delta Dawn" on her own !!!.....So here is one L/P that earns the title "The More You Play It The Better It Becomes"

3. Superstar.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Jane Morgan

A nice selection of songs from the clear voice of Jane Morgan....Great recording of "The Bee Gees"song "I Started A Joke"...

1. Where Do I Go
2. Traces
3. Goodnight My Love Pleasant Dreams
4. I Started A Joke
5. Congratulations I Guess
6. Three Rest Stops

1. Devotion
2. My Way
3. Walk Away
4. Hey Jude
5. Marry Me Marry Me

4. I Started A Joke.