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Monday, 24 June 2019

Burt Bacharach

A nice easy listening one now from one of today's great songwriters... he even manages to sing the title track and makes a good job of it !!.....most of the tracks are well known and the arrangements are similar to the "Hit Vocals"

1. Promises Promises
2. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
3. Knowing When To Leave
4. Any Day Now
5. Wanting Things

1. Whoever You Are I Love You
2. Make It Easy On Yourself
3. Do You Know the Way To San Jose
4. Pacific Coast Highway
5. She's Gone Away
6. This Guy's in Love With You

 3. Do You Know The Way To San Jose.

CBS Showcase.VA

This L/P is a 27 track compilation on two L/P's..A good compilation of CBS tracks from very different L/P's...It does contain my favourite track of "Georgie Fame"..."It Could Happen To You" wish he would have done more "Standard" songs....and a great recording of "Robert Goulet"...."My Cup Runneth Over" !!!.....The back sleeve is exactly the same as the front ..In case anybody was wondering why  "No Back " !!!

Disc 1
1. Run Baby Run....The Tremeloes
2. It Could happen To You....Georgie Fame
3. Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree....Anita Harris
4. Cloudy....Simon & Garfunkle
5. Sunrise Sunset....Jerry Vale
6. Something Stupid....Stan Butcher His Birds & Brass
7. So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Singer....The Byrds

1. What Now My Love....Barbra Streisand
2. Once Upon A Summertime....Barbra Streisand
3. Moon River....Ray Conniff & Orch         
4. Alley Cat....Ray Conniff & Orch
5. Just Like A Woman....Bob Dylan
6. The Times They Are A Changing....Bob Dylan          

Disc 2
1. A Taste Of Honey....Tony Bennett
2. I Wonder What Became Of Me....Diahann Carroll
3. If I Were A Rich Man....Laurie Holloway
4. Mongo's Boogaloo....Mongo Santamaria
5. True Love.... Peaches & Herb                         
6. Anything Goes....the Dave Brubeck Quartet        

1. Born Free....Andy Williams
2. Sunny....Andy Williams
3. A Man And A Woman....Percy Faith & Orch  
4. Georgy Girl....Percy Faith & Orch
5. My Cup Runneth Over....Robert Goulet
6. Make Someone Happy....Robert Goulet
7. How R Ya Hawaii....The Happy Hawaiians
8. Lao Pu Pu Lei....The Happy Hawaiians  

 2. It Could Happen To You.

Mason Williams.

This is the guy who wrote the hit "Classical Gas"and he does another version of it on this L/P..I have posted another "Mason Williams" L/P earlier and it has been downloaded 97 times so I guess some of you out there have given it a listen !!..This L/P is just as good so PEEPS don't be shy and give it a go....Apart from "Classical Gas"can't say that I have not heard of any other of his tracks that have become Hits.....A fantastic track is "Manha De Carnival" its a "Cool" L/P !!

1. Jose's Place
2. Find A Reason To Believe
3. Saturday Night At The World
4. I've Heard That Tearstained Monologue
5. All The Time

1. Classical Gas
2. The Tomato Vendetta
3. Manha De Carnival
4. Its Over
5. The Exiting Accident

 3. Manha De Carnival.

Barbra Streisand

   Now then !!! I have a bit of an issue with this L/P.....BUT before I go into it I have to tell you that it has my all time favourite "Streisand" track and also my second favourite one on it !!
that is...No 1 all time great track..."The Kind Of Man A Woman Needs" No 2..."He Touched Me"....both of these are "Barbra" at her best !!!!......Now comes the moans....I wish that the producers had toned down the orchestra... on some of the tracks I think that it seems like the vocals and orchestra where trying to outdo one another to see who could be louder !!....It is from a TV special show....maybe it's taken from that but I doubt it...I think that Barbra would have gone into the studio to record the tracks...OR maybe I have a faulty interested if any one out there who has the L/P has a pristine one !!...and is different !!

1. He Touched Me
2. The Shadow Of Your Smile
3. Quiet Night
4. I Got Plenty Of Nothing
5. How Much Of The Dream Comes True
6. Second Hand Rose

1. The Kind Of Man A Woman Needs
2. All That I Want
3. Where's That Rainbow
4. No More Songs For Me
5. Medley
   a. Second Hand Rose
   b. Give Me The Simple Life
   c. I Got Plenty Of Nothing
   d. Brother Can You Spare a Dime
   e. Nobody Knows You When Your Down And Out
   f. Second Hand Rose
   g. The Best Things In Life Are Free   

 1. He Touched Me.