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Thursday, 18 July 2019

The Golden Age Of The Hollywood Stars.

Here's a strange different and wonderful double L/P....full of Dialogue & songs from 50 films from 1926 till 1949 made by Warner Bros....I guess it wont be everybodys cup of tea but its a great nostalgic romp of yesteryear....Its a pity that there are no gaps in the tracks so I had to record them as Side 1-4...and you will have to check the playing list to get what films the track is from....nothing I could do about that the tracks are too close together to separate them.....The L/P sleeve has a 12 page booklet inside that is full of pictures and information on the films featured... very difficult to scan otherwise I would have tried to scan some interested to have some comments from people who decide to give it go and a listen......

Side One                                                         Side Two                              Side Three

      Side Four                                                                                                          
I hope everybody who downloads this unusual L/P enjoys it as much as I do.....Takes a little bit of sorting out because of the lack of tracks definition but keep with it and you should enjoy the experience !!!..The size of the file is it might take a while to download but bear with it will be worth it !!!..

Jack Jones.

Another fist class L/P from Mr Jones...recorded 1965-66-67 according to the label on the L/P, so I imagine that might be some singles involved....usually the singer and producer of the L/P choose the songs for it and record then all in one go....or the tracks have been lying around for some time and someone decided to create an L/P

3. As Time Goes By.

The Four Freshmen.

Another great recording of songs by 4 guys who sing and play instruments..trombone and trumpets I believe !!....but not at the same time !!....great track is "Crazy Bones"

  4. I Wanna Go Where You Go.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

World Wide Movie & Tv Themes.320.Kbps

 The first side of this L/P from "Readers Digest " Stable takes some well known "Film" songs and gives them  completely different arrangements and they are great !!...The second side is okay but not as good as the first one....I Wonder if all the orchestras that are featured are all the same !!!..what I mean is made up of "Session Musicians" and a random name picked out from a hat !!!!

1. To Sir With Love...Norman Percival & His Orch
2. Somewhere My Love...Carlo Savina & His Orch
3. Born Free...London Pops Orch
3. A Man And A Woman...Johnny Gibbs& His Orch
4. You Only Live Twice...Johnny Gibs & His Orch
5. Stella By Starlight...London Pops Orch
6. Long Ago And far Away...Robert Mandell & The Mike Sammes Singers

1. Peter-Gunn...Warren Barker & Orch
2. Theme From Peyton Place...Warren Barker & Orch
3. I Spy...Warren Barker & Orch
4. The Untouchables...Warren Barker & Orch
5. Gunsmoke...Warren Barker & Orch
6. Theme From Route 66...Warren barker & Orch
7. Theme From The Man From Uncle...Warren Barker & Orch

6. Theme From Route 66