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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Dante & His Orchestra

Don't know what cats ! have to do with this selection of instrumental tunes !!...But it's a great cover !!!....L/P cover designers running out of idea's !...Sooooooo stick SEX on the cover and a near naked lady and maybe we will sell some Records !!....must admit tho' its a good clear recording !!...And whoever wrote the back cover must have been on something !!! GREAT !!!
Thanks "John" for this unusual Gem !!!

... modern myrrh and mischief ...
flat-tummied, twin-turreted gamins ...
moist pouted underlips ... amoral pixies and confused carnivores
stuffed animals, jazz and racing cars ... lazy, lithe
child wastrels ... sic transit GINA and MARILYN
swiftly now, cross over the BRIGETTE.
Lush the sex kittens; lush their serenades ...
zee melodies Americaine burst like grapeseeds
from Paris terraces ... sweeping strings, tres hi fi, society brisk ...
whirring, purring ... gay, cyclical Sartrian
strains ... hers all hers ... her manner,
her madness ... HER MUSIC.

5. My One And Only Love.


Anonymous said...

any chance someone can reupload this?

espo said...

😉 !

Anonymous said...

you, my friend, are the best! Thank you for this.

tanktop said...

Mick--this IS clear! And clearly the back cover writer WAS on something... and decidedly debauched too!:))
Thanks for your creative, smile-inducing comments and the wonderful, rare music!:)