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Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Tuxedo Junction Disco Band

Well now hope you enjoyed the video above...just a great bit of late 70's/80's nostalgia mixed in with the 40's...I guess it won't be everybody's cup 'o tea but it a great idea even tho' it does go on a bit !! so you would be Travolta's mind your backs and anything else that could be strained !!

1. Chattanooga Choo Choo
2. Rainy Night In Rio
3. Moonlight Serenade

1. Fox Trot
2. Volga Boatman
3. Tuxedo Junction

Tuxedo Junction - whose hallmark was a blend of retro-flavored big band sound and modern disco - eclipsed prematurely in 1979, after just two full-length albums and a handful of singles.

It would take two producers as wicked as Laurin Rinder & W. Michael Lewis to fuse the big band swing sound of the 30s with the disco beat of the 70s ... and make it work. The result was the novelty Tuxedo Junction, released on yellow vinyl on Butterfly Records 1977, and it yielded club hits with their takes on the standards "Chattanooga Choo Choo" and "Moonlight Serenade" with singers Marilyn Jackson, Sue Allen and Marti McCall cooing and crooning. 


espo said...

👍 !

mimidel said...

Greatings Luigi
A great album and one to discover....
I hope everything is well with you and all your loved ones.
Many thanks an greatings also from Bob

Belgrave said...

Interesting! Thanks for posting

All the best