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Sunday, 20 November 2022

Mason Williams

Before you get to the Jazzy Trumpet of Jonah Jones have a listen to the quiet singing of Mason William's Ear Show !.....with some quirky original songs and Instrumentals...

1. Road Song
2. Baroque-a-Nova
3. Whistle Hear
4. The Last Great Waltz
5. One Minute Commercial

1. $13 Stella
2. Love Are Wine
3. Cinderella Rockafella
4. Generatah -Oscillatah
5. Saturday Night At The World
     2. Baroque-a-Nova


espo said...

👍 !

Anonymous said...

...and do you remember 'Classical Gas'?

Trafikuty said...

Perfect in every way!

espo said...

Hi Trafikuty...thanks for the comment...glad you like the post...Cheers ..Luigi