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Monday, 27 February 2017

Marilyn Maye

Meet Marvelous Marilyn Maye

(Stereo LSP-3397)
Marilyn's first RCA album was recorded in New York's Webster Hall in 1965. It was produced by Joe Rene and featured arrangements by both Don Costa and Manny Albam. Not surprisingly Steve Allen authored the album notes, which ended with Allen penning "All in all, this is probably the best damned vocal album of 1965--so there."

According to "Wikipedia" Marilyn is still singing and performing at the grand age of 88 !!

1. Get Me To The Church On Time
2. Misty
3. Washington Square
4. Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe 
5. I Love You Today
6. Hello Dolly

1. Take Five
2. Where Are You
3. Night Of My Nights
4. Put On A Happy Face
5. Make Someone Happy
6. The Song Is You

08 -where-are-you.mp3


espo said...

Enjoy !

Mac said...

And I would agree with Steve, had this one for a few years - a real swinger from track 1 through track 12

satil said...

Fantastic! Hard to find such performers nowadays!

boppinbob said...

Thanks espo for both of Maye's LPs. It's her 89th birthday today and she's still at it! Regards, Bob