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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Andrew Lloyd Webber.320.Kbps

 This one is going to be a bit hard to tell what it's all about....I suppose you could call it "Classical" but it's not... certainly has a classical feel about it and again it gets a bit "Jazzy"and then a bit "Funky"and then in certain parts you would swear that you was listening to the "Shadows" overall it's a mixture of "Styles".....Think "ELO" and"Tubular Bells" and you may get some idea whats it all about !!!couldn't record track by track because the music blended between tracks so I had to record Side One then Side Two....but you can see from the back sleeve all the tracks are "Variations"...hence the name !!


espo said...

Enjoy !

Patrick Dirickx said...

well, you get Don Airy, Rod Argent, Jon Hiseman and - not in the least - Gary Moore in the line-up, what a great band !

thanks for posting this !

Anonymous said...


I'm interested in anything that Rod Argent is involved in.

I saw The Zombies here in NYC about six months ago, and they still have it!

- Stinky