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Sunday, 14 October 2018

Annie Fratellini

A treat for all the "French" people that might be dropping in for a look !!
and some info for everybody about "Annie"

She was born Annie Violette Fratellini on November 14, 1932 in AlgiersFrench Algeria, where her parents, who were circus performers, were touring. She was fourth generation of one of Europe's most illustrious clown dynasties, the Fratellini Family, a French circus family of Italian descent. Her father was Victor Fratellini, a clown and acrobat; her mother, Suzanne (née Rousseau), was the daughter of Gaston Rousseau, the director of the Cirque de Paris, a huge circus building located Avenue de la Motte-Picquet in Paris that was active from 1906 to 1930. Her grandfather was Paul Fratellini, one of the Fratellini brothers, the legendary clown trio that was the Toast of Paris (and Europe) between the two world wars.
Although she made her debut in the ring at age 13 at the famous Cirque Medrano in Paris, she eventually ran away from the circus when she was 18 years old, and begun a music-hall and recording career as a musician and singer. She also became a movie actress, appearing notably in 1965 in La Métamorphose des cloportes a film directed by Pierre Granier-Deferre (1927-2007), whom she had married in 1954.  

1. Celui Que J Airne
2. C'est Mervelleux l amour
3. Qand Tu Vien Chez Moi Mon Couer
4. It Had To Be You
5. Paris Souvenirs

1. Jai Ta Main
2. Le Gars de Rochechouart
3. J airnerais tellernant
4. Why Do I Love You
5. Ca C'estl Amour

4. Why Do I Love You


espo said...

DL !

Mireille Delahaye said...

Greetings Luigi
Manythanks for this French album and for all the tim you spend on this
Also thanks for the invite to join the other forum
Tanks and many greetings

Exotica lover said...

DL link is no longer available :-(
Keep up the nice work :-)
Thanks for everything.