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Monday, 19 December 2016

John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers

I'm realy broadening my taste in music hearing all these L/P's that are completly new to me...Not heard the "Blues" very much so once again the "Comment" arena is wide open once again !!!!

1. A Hard Road
2. Its Over
3. You Don't Love Me
4. The Stumble
5. Another Kind Of Love
6. Hit The Highway
7. Leaping Christine

1. Dust Me Blues
2. There's Always Work
3. The Same Way
4. The Super Natural
5. Top Of The Hill
6. Someday After A While
7. Living Alone

  05 - Another Kind Of Love.mp3


espo said...

Enjoy !

Jonathan F. King said...

You've picked a good one to study! This is the second LP issued by the highly influential British blues band led by pianist/harmonica player John Mayall, somewhere around 1967, I reckon. The Brits who were into U.S. blues took it very seriously indeed, so only a very few of them had actual chart hits during that period (the Rolling Stones and the Animals being two noted exceptions). It was very much a niche scene, even when the bands in that scene started to become known to fans in the U.S.

It was the first LP by the Mayall band that was most influential of all, for it featured young U.K. guitar god Eric Clapton on lead guitar. When he left the Mayall band, he was replaced by Peter Green, who is heard on this LP. Green eventually left Mayall as well, going on to form a little blues band called Fleetwood Mac. Perhaps you've heard of them? Been through some changes over the years, I believe.

If you don't have time to play every track, definitely listen to Peter Green's amazing instrumental "The Supernatural," which was quite astounding for its time. I also quite like "Top of the Hill" and "Leaping Christine," the latter showcasing Mayall's trademark harmonica style.

John Mymusictoo said...

Great comment Jonathan, also worth noting that the song you mention "The Supernatural"
is a very early working, that was written by Peter Green, and formed into the well known song "Black Magic Woman"

Anonymous said...

This was actually his 3rd LP.
His first was ...
His "hit" from this was "Crawling Up A Hill'
This LP was never released in the US.