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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Rock Follies

Re-Post Requested By Dave In US.

 When I came across this L/P I got exited because this was one of my favourite TV Series from the 70's....BUT unfortunately it doesn't come across on record as it did on the screen !!...Now whether its because of the time lapse 29 years to be exact or the fact that for most of the time you can't hear the lyrics of the songs owing to the volume of the orchestra !!....Still its nice to hear the songs again...I fondly remember The "Glenn Miller" song and "Biba Nova"

1. Sugar Mountain
2. Good Behaviour
3. Stairway
4. Daddy
5. Lamplight
6. The Road

1. Glenn Miller Is Missing
2. Biba Nova
3. Talking Pictures
4. Hot Neon
5. Roller Coaster
6. Rock Follies 

07. Glenn Miller Is Missing.mp3


espo said...

Enjoy !

espo said...


dewoz said...

Thanks espo - Loved the TV series - Rula was my favourite :) Had the album in 128 but can now upgrade to 320 - Thanks again!