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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Don McLean.320.Kpbs

 This L/P is a real "Gem"....It contains Don's classic hit "American Pie" and one of the best songs of all time IMHO !!...I'm talking about "Vincent" it doesn't get any better than that !!!...and listen to the lyrics of "Empty Chairs" that definitely tells a story !!

1. American Pie
2. Till Tomorrow
3. Vincent
4. Crossroads

1. Winterwood 
2. Empty Chairs
3. Everybody Loves Me Baby
4. Sister Fatima
5. The Grave
6. Babylon 

03. Vincent.mp3


espo said...

Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, espo!

josé said...

Merci bien !

Willians said...

Obrigado pelo excelente disco. Valeu.

Anonymous said...

Mucha gracias Espo!

Regards from Barcelona!