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Friday, 23 December 2016

Teresa Brewer

A very early "Teresa" singing what I would call "Novelty" songs  going by some of the titles
she certainly sounds a lot different in her later recording's... her "Jazz" recording's in the 80's & 90's has her voice lower and more mature but I guess that comes with age !
The Extra track below "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" is from "Live At Carnegie Hall" CD just to show how much her voice had changed recorded in April 1978 !!!

1. Heavenly Lover
2. The Rains Fall on Everybody
3. The One Rose
4. Saturday Dance
5. Satellite
6. 63 Sailors In Grand Central Station

1. Bye Bye Goodbye
2. Fair Weather Sweetheart
3. The Hula Hoop Song
4. Chain Of Frienship
5. Pick Up A Doodle
6. I Think The world Of You

04 -saturday-dance.mp3
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do..Teresa Brewer.mp3