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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Tom Jones...320 Kbps

Its 48 years since this L/P was made and it only seems like yesterday that "Tom Jones" raced up the chats with "Its Not Unusual"....I think that when this was recorded he had the title hit and his style was not fully developed into what we now know....So because the "Green Green Grass Of Home"was CW influenced away he went down that road....And he makes a very good job of all the tracks and you can definatly hear the "Tom Jones" of today !!...with "Mohair Sam & Detroit City" !!

1. Riders In The Sky
2. He'll have To Go
3. Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings
4. Sixteen Tons
5. Two Brothers
6. My Mothers Eyes
7. Green Green Grass Of Home

1. Ring Of Fire
2. Field Of Yellow Daisies
3. Wsah I Could Say No To You
4. All I Get From You Is Heartaches
5. Mohair Sam
6. Cool Water
7. Detroit City


espo said...

Enjoy !

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Armpit Studios said...

This should be interesting.

mimidelahaye said...

Thanks for this album

Anonymous said...

Could you re-up this album please? Links are dead.