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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Phil Kelsall...320 Kbps

To continue the "Organ " Sound we now have the "Daddy"of Organs "The Wurlitzer" complete with pipes and foot pedals... and not a "Chip" in sight (I think)....It certainly has a different sound from the previous "Electronic" one !! says on the back sleeve that this organ is 48 years old ..that was in 1982 so by my reckoning its now in its 82nd year !!...That is if it is still in "The Tower Ballroom Blackpool"...maybe someone from "Blackpool" could amswer that !!....Its uncanny that on the tracks "How About You" & "Tomorrow" there is a perfect "Piano" all done with "Electronics" or "Chips" (Except In Paper") in the 1930's when this organ must have started its life..So give it a lsten to !!!...first couple of tracks are a bit scratchy but it gets better as it goes on !!!