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Monday, 21 November 2016

David Bowie.320 Kbps

Back home now after a good rummage round the Record Store...thanks "John" !!
weather at the moment in Leicester is not very good been raining all day lets hope tomorrow it will be better.......Right back to business first one from "David Bowie" by the look of him I should think that this one of his early recordings date on record is 1971 !.....I'm just wondering if the single of "Life On Mars" is a different version from the one on here ?? 

1. Changes
2. Oh You Pretty Thing
3. Eight Line Poem
4. Life On Mars
5. Kooks
6. Quicksand

1. Fill Your Heart
2. Andy Warhol
3. Song For Bob Dylan
4. Queen Bitch
5. The Bewley Brothers



espo said...

Enbjoy 1

ximeremix said...

Yes, this is from 1971 - actually his fourth LP, after 2 called David Bowie and The Man Who Sold The World.
The single Life on Mars? is the same as this version - it was released after Bowie became famous with the Ziggy Stardust album.