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Friday, 25 November 2016

Tracks !!!

It's seems now I have cracked the way to put a track on this blog with the help of "Bobbinbob" from  "From The Vaults"...Thanks Bob !!
Sooooooooo you can expect a track on most of the posts from now on...They will be IMHO tracks that I think are the best ones that are on the L/ I hope you have a listen to them.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Party Mega Mix 60's.320 Kbps

60 Top hits from the 60's all played non stop.... that is till the "Stylus" comes to the end of the record or middle to be precise !!....some tracks are cut short so you don't actually get the whole of the song....BUT as it was made for a "Party" I don't suppose anybody would notice !!!

Grease.320 Kbps

Although this is not the Film Soundtrack unless you are a devoted lover of the film and know every word and notes of the songs....This version by "The Pickwick Grease Monkey's" could fool you into believing it was !!....If you don't listen too closely !!.....Its a good version and was well worth the "Money"...whatever that was !!!

1. Grease
2. Summer Nights
3. Hoplessly Devoted To You
4. You're The One That I Want
5. Sandy
6. Beauty School Drop Out
7. Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee

1. Greased Lightning 
2. It's Raining on Prom Night 
3. Rock'N'Roll Is Here To Stay
4. Hound Dog
5. Born To Hand Jive
6. Tears On my Pillow
7. Freddy My Love 
8. We Go Together


Melanie.320 Kbps.

We now have a singer with a very distinctive voice.... and a single first name !!

1. Candles In The Rain
2. Lay Down
3. Carolina In My Mind
4. Citiest People
5. What Have They Done To My Song Ma

1. Alexander Beetle
2. The Good Guys
3. Lovin' Baby Girl
4. Ruby Tuesday
5. Leftover Wine


Emerson Lake & Palmer.320 Kbps

Seems we are still on the "Diverse" track !!!..with a "Progressive Rock SuperGroup" on top of "The Classics" !!!....From 1970 Presenting !!!! "EL&P" !!!

1. The Barbarian
2. Take A Pebble
3. Knife Edge

1. The Three Fates
2. Tank
3. Lucky Alan

The London Symphony Orchestra.320.Kbps

Continuing the diversity theme.....Not had any "classical" for a while so here is an hour's worth of well known Classics !!...Side Two has the "Sound Bites" !!!


Max Bygraves.320.Kbps

You can't say this "Blog" is not diverse in its Music !!...with a Sing-a-Long on top of "David Bowie !!.....a 28 set of vintage songs  to sing a long to and maybe have a jig or two !!

David Bowie.320 Kbps

Back home now after a good rummage round the Record Store...thanks "John" !!
weather at the moment in Leicester is not very good been raining all day lets hope tomorrow it will be better.......Right back to business first one from "David Bowie" by the look of him I should think that this one of his early recordings date on record is 1971 !.....I'm just wondering if the single of "Life On Mars" is a different version from the one on here ?? 

1. Changes
2. Oh You Pretty Thing
3. Eight Line Poem
4. Life On Mars
5. Kooks
6. Quicksand

1. Fill Your Heart
2. Andy Warhol
3. Song For Bob Dylan
4. Queen Bitch
5. The Bewley Brothers


Sunday, 20 November 2016

Teddy Johnson & Pearl Carr

Whaooooooooooo whats that right at the back !!!...a real 50's blast from the past..and if you are into"Eurovision Song Contest" then this is a gem !!...they came second for Britain in 1959 !! with the first track  !!!....the following tracks I guess are most of their 45's... info coming up !!!
" Nostalgic Fans " come to the Front !!!!!!!
Carr was born in Exmouth, Devon, while Johnson was born in Surbiton, Surrey. They were both successful solo singers before their marriage in 1955. Carr had been lead singer with the Keynotes,[1] who had two British hits in 1956 with Dave King: "Memories Are Made of This" (#5) and "You Can't Be True To Two" (#11).[2] She also was a popular radio singer and comedian on Bernard Braden's Bedtime With Braden radio show.[3]
Johnson had led his own teenage band, was a professional drummer and a recording artist for Columbia in the early 1950s. He also was a DJ on Radio Luxembourg[1] and later on BBC Radio 2, and had appeared in television shows such as the BBC's children's Crackerjack.

 Pearl Carr now 94 and Teddy Johnson now 97 both live in Brinsworth House a home for retired entertainers.

 1. Sing Little Birdie
2. How Lucky You Are
3. Be Mine
4. My Dearest Dear
5. Forbidden Love
6. Take Me In Your Arms And Hold Me
7. To Know That You love Me
8. The Young At Heart

1. When The Tide Turns
2. If I Loved You
3. If Only I Can Live My Life Again
4. Pickin' Petals
5. i Can Give You The Starlight
6. How Wonderful To Know You
7. Tell Me Again And Again

Great and fantastic retro recording's !!..won't get anything like these today !!!

Vikki Carr

From one great voice to another...This selection of songs includes one of the songs that put her firmly on the musical map !!!...of course it must be the title track !!


Thelma Houston

Another "Jim Webb" production....Another great voice I seemed to have missed !!!

 In 1969, Houston released her debut album, entitled Sunshower, produced, arranged and composed by Jimmy Webb except for one track.[1] In 1971 she signed with Motown Records but her early recordings with them were largely unsuccessful.[1] Her most notable single during that period was "You've Been Doing Wrong for So Long" which peaked at #64 on the U.S. Billboard R&B chart in 1974.[1] However Houston's vocal prowess on that track secured her a nomination for a Best Female R&B Vocal Performance. In 1973 Motown Productions announced a projected biopic of Dinah Washington which would star Houston; however the project was dropped due to difficulties in getting clearance from Washington's relatives.[3] In April 1974 Houston joined the cast of The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine, playing various characters during the show's skits. The show was canceled in August and for the next several years her work was limited to demo recordings and performing at small venues.

The 5th Dimension

I'm still in "John's record store" and finding some real gems....I guess you would call this a "Concept" Album !!....all tracks except one written by "Jim Webb" he produced it as well so it looks like it was his "Baby" !!....This is one of those L/P's that you have to listen to it more than once to get to appreciate it !!


The KIng Brothers

The King Brothers were a British pop vocal trio popular in the late 1950s and early 1960s. They are best remembered for their cover versions of "Standing on the Corner" and "A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation)". A peculiarity of their act was that all 3 brothers sang in unison; they never ventured out into harmonies.

Till I read the above comment about the guy's singing in unison and not harmonising I didn't realise that was what I was listening to !!...Its still a great set of tracks with or without the harmonising !!

1. Lullaby Of Broadway
2. Standing On The Corner
3. Elmers Tune
4. Nicola
5. Gotta Feeling
6. I Like Everybody

1. I'm Sitting On Top Of The World
2. Rockin' Shoes
3. Six Five Jive
4. Oh What A Fool I've Been
5. Everybody Back To Our Place
6. King Size Twist

It's Trad Dad

Okay now we have a compilation from the film.....I think I did see it in the distant past !!..not sure maybe it will be on TV I'll watch it if it does !!...nice to hear the oldies again !!


Ronnie Carrol & Millicent Martin

Mr & Mrs no more !!...but a great musical pairing with tracks together and solo' it hits the nail on the head it's a Gud un !!!....been playing it all day !!

A1Ronnie CarrollLook A There Ain't She Pretty
A2Millicent MartinAll Of You
A3Ronnie Carroll & Millicent MartinHow About You
A4Ronnie CarrollYou're Sensational
A5Millicent MartinThis Could Be The Start Of Something
A6Ronnie Carroll & Millicent MartinLet's Fall In Love
B1Ronnie CarrollWhen Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful
B3Ronnie Carroll & Millicent MartinMr & Mrs Is The Name
B4Ronnie CarrollThe Twelfth Of Never
B5Millicent MartinMr Wonderful
B6Ronnie Carroll & Millicent MartinLove Is A Ball

Leon Russell

I'm getting some very new to me voices from this visit over the pond !!!....this singer I think I have heard the name but not heard anything he's recorded so this is a first....I think that I will have to listen to this one more to get a constructive opinion so once again it's open for your comments !!!

La Vern Baker

Another great voice that I missed out on....I can't believe that I missed this one !!!...Just play it and listen !!!

1. Lots And Lots Of Love
2. Of Course I Do
3. You'll be Crying
4. Miracles 
5. I'm In A Crying Mood
6. Mine All Mine *****

1. Harbour Lights
2. I'll Never Be The Same
3. Romance In The Dark
4. Everybody's Somebody's Fool
5. How Long Will It Last
6. Fool That I am

Jimmy Young

Here's defiantly a blast from the past !!..mine as well !!...takes me back to my early teenage years when I  used to work in my spare time at our local Theatre "The Palace" as a "Call Boy" 
It has a different connotation today so I'd better explain !!...My job was to make sure the artists got on the stage at the right time from their dressing rooms so I had to knock on the doors and "Call" them !! when the time was right...I remember "Jimmy Young" he used to arrive at the theatre in a white two seater sports are some of his hits....later in his career he became a broadcaster on the BBC....unfortunatly he is no longer with us....Thanks for this one "John" brought back some great memories...cheers !!!

 Sir Leslie Ronald "Jimmy" Young CBE (21 September 1921 – 7 November 2016) was an English singer and radio personality.[1] Early in his career he had two number ones and several other top ten hits in the UK chart, but he became better known for his long-running show on BBC Radio 2.

1.  Too Young
2. The Man From Laramie
3. Eternally
4. Faith Can Move Mountains
5. Unchained Melody
6. Someone On Your Mind
7. Chain Gang
8. The Wayward Wind
9. Rich Man Poor Man
10. More
11. Miss You

Georgia Gibbs

Here we go swinging with a singer that you would not expect to "Swing" as she does !!