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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Jerry Reed.320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested By Daddy Cool.

 Here is one for the "Country" fans...Jerry together with Chet Atkins ....They were two of the greatest popular guitarists since people started plucking strings on a wooden base !!....Notice I said "Popular" I think probably in the "Classical" world of Guitarists there are some greats there too !!....Back to the L/P Jerry is alone and singing...Half of the tracks he wrote himself so he was a composer as well something I was not aware of..It all adds up to a very pleasant easy on the ear L/P which I hope people who are not into "Country" music gives it a listen too....Broaden your musical tastes keeps you young !!!

1. Smell The Flowers
2. Don't Get Heavy
3. Endless Miles Of Highway
4. Take It Easy
5. It Don't Work That Way

1. If Ever I Love Again
2. My Guitar And My Song
3. Don't Let The Good Times Pass You By
4. It Ain't Home But It Ain't Bad
5. Pave Your Way Into Tomorrow 

02. Don't Get Heavy.mp3

Concert Favourites 2.WRC..320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested By Aldo

 Another Classic Selection from "Readers Digest" to have a little "Up Market" sounds too keep the balance and keep eveybody out there interested !!!!..Once again...
"The New Symphony Orchestra Of London" is Conducted By "Rene Leibowitz"

1. H.M.S. Pinafore
2. Hora Staccato
3. Minuet from Quintet In A
4. Ritual Fire Dance
5. The Skaters Waltz

1. Naila Waltz
2. The Flight Of The Bumble Bee
3. Humoresque
4. Suite From Porgy And Bess

04. Ritual Fire Dance.mp3

Concert Favourites 1..WRC

Re-Post requested By Aldo

 Another one from the "Readers Digest" Stable !!...This time Popular Concert favourites !!
All Tracks by "The New Symphony Orchestra Of London" Conducted by "Reni Leibowitz" and featuring..."Yfrah Neaman" Solo Violin
                           "Raymond Clark" Solo Cello

 1. Die Fledermaus (Overture)
2. Greensleeves
3. Habanera (from Carmen)
4. Polonaise In A Flat

1. Jealousy
2. Londonderry Air
3. Panis Angelicus
4. Ave Maria
5. Turkish March
6. Procession Of The Sardar

09. Turkish March.mp3

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Alma Cogan.

At this moment its freezing and frosty outside so a trip on the carpet over the "Pond" is a No-No !!...But Hey !! whats this glowing Red in an old shoe box !!!..Click ! Click!..Wow ! I'm now in "John's" Record shop !..and I'm not In "Leicester" anymore !!!!
And the first one that gets tucked under my arm is the first L/P that "Alma " recorded !!

1. I Love To Sing
2. Life Is Just a Bowl Of Cherries
3. They Can't Take That Away From Me
4. Taking a Chance On Love
5. Ain't we Got Fun
6. You Do Something To Me

1. Today I Love Everybody
2. Cheek To Cheek
3. If This Isn't Love
4. As Time Goes By
5. Comes Love
6. Blue Skies

12 - Blue Skies.mp3

Peggy Lee

You can't go wrong with a "Peggy Lee" Classic and this one has her in a sultry "Jazz Mode"...even tho' first track is cut short !!!

11 Close Your Eyes.mp3

Nick Drake

Here's one thats new to leave the comments open to the whole of the world !!!....Great Introduction Track !!

01 - Introduction.mp3

Harry Roy & Orchestra

Now before we go to "Electronics" Selection lets have a listen to some vintage music !!....just to let you know I am still in the "New York" record shop !! and trying to get my head around these postings and to make some sense of them....being that I can't reverse them !! without a lot of changes to the times !! before the 20's Plus...we had the 1930's dance music !!!So give it a whirl !!!.....I wonder whether the track with the suggestive lyrics would be banned today !!!

1. Be Careful Its My Heart 
2. Better Think Twice
3. Bugle Call Rag
4. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
5. Elmers Tune
6. Hey Little Hen
7. I'm Kiss Myself Goodbye
8. It's Only A Paper Moon
9. My Girls Pussy
10. Iv'e Got AGal In Kalamazoo 
11. La Cucaracha
12. Mama I Want To Make Rhythm
13. Nobody's Sweetheart
14. Oh You Sweet Thing
15. Okay Toots
16. Pennsylvania 65000
17. Pistol Pakin' Mama 
18. Remember Me 

 Harry Roy (12 January 1900 – 1 February 1971) was a British dance band leader and clarinet player from the 1920s to the 1960s. He performed several songs with suggestive lyrics including "My Girl's Pussy" (1931),[1] and "She Had to Go and Lose It at the Astor" (1939).[2][3][4]

 Roy was born Harry Lipman in Stamford Hill, London, England, and began to study clarinet and alto saxophone at the age of 16. He and his brother Sidney formed a band which they called the Darnswells, with Harry on saxophone and clarinet and Sidney on piano. During the 1920s they performed in several prestige venues such as the Alhambra and the London Coliseum, under names such as the Original Lyrical Five and the Original Crichton Lyricals. They spent three years at the Café de Paris, and toured South Africa, Australia and Germany.

09 -My Girls Pussy.mp3

Les Paul & Mary Ford

Ok we are still in the land of "Electronics" Guitars to be exact not like the "Synthesiser's" on the post below !!!...Two of the finest "Mary" Singin' and "Les" playin' !!!...I believe they were the first to devolop "Multi Track" recording !!

09. The Best Things In Life Are Free.mp3

Jean Jacques Perrey

Looking for something different and this one has caught my eye !!..not had any "Electronic" Music" and also thought that it was called "Mood Indigo" and did a double check and Lo ! and behold ! Its a play on the title... "MOOG" instead of MOOD !.....Its a great L/P because it incorporates some real melody's that are easy recognisable and doesn't go over the top with the "Electronics"..well worth a listen to !!!... and it a "Fun" one too !!! ..Definitely a "Luigi" recommend !!

07 - Gossipo Perpetuo.mp3

Shirley Bassey

Nice photo on the front and back of this L/P....A nice set of songs by "Dame Shirl"singing them as only she can !!

1. Emotion
2. Send in The Clowns
3. Good Bad But Beautiful 
4. Sing
5. The Way We Were
6. I'll Be Your Audience

1. Feel Like Making Love
2. All In Love Is Fair
3. Run On And On And On
4. The Other Side Of Me
5. Jesse
6. Living

03 Good Bad But Beautiful.mp3

The Peddlers

I don't know why these guy's were not more popular than they were...maybe they were and I didn't know...just wish I had heard of them sooner !!...They do some great cover versions of songs that could have been hits in there own right !!.....This record shop is coming up with some real gems....Another Luigi's recommendation !!! won't be sorry !!!...Thanks John !!!
Time now to click these heels and get back to "Leicester"....and see if I can move these posts so they make sense !!!!!!

07-Still Of The Night.mp3

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Top Of The Pops.VA.320 kbps

Still with the compilation theme !!...16 tracks from the unknown singers that sound nearly ! like the originals !!....Pop Songs Of The Year 1979 !!

1. Hooray Hooray It's A Holi Holiday
2. Shine A Little Love
3. Love You Inside And Out
4. Roxanne
5. Holiday Girl
6. Boy's Keep Swingin'
7. Knock On Wood
8. Does Your Mother Know

1. Reunited
2. Pop Muzik
3. Bright Eyes
4. One Way Ticket
5. Banana Split
6. Hallelujah
7. Dance Away
8. Boogie Wonderland

09. Pop Muzic.mp3

Break-Through.VA.320 Kbps

Here's another compilation of tracks that the record company's put together to introduce you to the "Studio 2 Stereo" Series....All instrumental versions of well knowm songs...

1. This Is My Song...Frank Pourcel & Orchestra
2. Spanish Harlem...Norrie Paramor & Orchestra
3. Silouette Hula...Wout Steenhuis
4. More...Norman Newell & Orchestra
5. Poppa Yo Quero...Joe Loss & Orchestra
6. Somewhere My Love... Manuel & The Music Of The Mountains

1. 633 Squadron...Ron Goodwin & Orchestra
2. Exotica...Pepe Jaramillo...7 His Latin American Rhythm
3. Michelle...Band Of The Irish Guards
4. Strangers In The Night...Garry Blake & Orchestra
5. Limelight / Smile...Semprini
6. St Louis Blues March...Eric Delany & Louis Belson

08. Exotica.mp3

The Beatles.320 Kbps

Not had the "Mop Heads" for a while !!...this photo on the L/P seems to tell why they got that "Nickname" !!....These tracks are pure Vintage "Lennon & McCartney" songs plus a few more !!....Missed out track "Everybody Wants To Be My Baby"....but it's now at the bottom !!

1. No Reply 
2. I'm A Loser
3. Baby's In Black
4. Rock And Roll Music
5. I'll Follow The Sun
6. Mr Moonlight
7. Kansas City

1. Eight Days A Week
2. Words Of Love
3. Honey Don't
4. Every Little Thing 
5. I Don't Want To Spoil The Party
6. What Your Doing
7. Everybody's Trying To be My Baby

03. Baby's In Black.mp3 . Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby.mp3

Scottish Soldiers.320 Kbps

Something new has been added to this Blog!!!!...."Bagpipes" !!...Plenty of  Historical Info on the back if you like "Bagpipes & Massed Bands" go for it !!!

1. Fanfare
2. Scotsmen March Along 
3. Dance Set
4. Wee Macgregor
5. National Emblem March 
6. My Home

1. The Thin Red Line
2. Highland Dance Set
3. Pentland Hills
4. Elizabethan Serenade 
5. Finale

10. Elizabethan Serenade.mp3

Steeleye Span.320 Kbps

What a funny looking cover !!
 Steeleye Span are an English folk rock band formed in 1969. Still active today, along with Fairport Convention, they are amongst the best known acts of the British folk revival, and were among the most commercially successful, thanks to their hit singles "Gaudete" and "All Around My Hat". They had three Top 40 albums; they achieved a certified gold record with sales of "All Around My Hat".

1. Black Jack Davy
2. Hard Times Of Old England
3. Cadgwith Anthem
4. Sum Waves
5. The Wife Of Ushers Well

1. Gamble Gold
2. All Around My Hat
3. Dance With Me
4. Batchelors Hall
06. Gamble Gold.mp3

Olivia Newton John.320 Kbps

Blue front cover Red back cover !!..Record sleeve designers must have had a"Bright Night" when they designed this !!....We have "Olivia" in a "Red Jump Suit"on the back...I bet she wasn't sewn into them !!!!...onto the songs well "Sam" is the only one that is well known the rest are ok..up there with the thought that the more you hear them the better they become !!

1. Don't Stop Believin'
2. A Thousand Conversations
3. Compassionate man
4. New Born Babe
5.Hey Mr Dreammaker 

1. Every Face Tells A Story
2. Sam
3. Love You Hold The Key
4. I'll Bet You A Kangaroo 
5. The Last Time You Loved

4. I Bet You A Kangaroo.

The World Of Handel.320 Kbps

A little dip into "Classica" !!...331 years down the line !!..we have a "Top Of The Pops" composer of that time ! doing his thing !!!

01. Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba.mp3

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Randy Edelman.320 Kbps

 Its great once in a while to listen to an L/P with songs that you can understand the lyrics and have a story to tell !! and this one fits the bill perfectly every song is 100% understandable !!
and includes a great track that I spoke about on another post of "Randy's" Songs that I posted relax and listen !!!

 1. Concrete And Clay
2. Fresh Out Of Love
3. Your The One
4. Slippin' Away
5. The Woman On Your Arm !!!!
6. Don't let Go Of Me
7. Can't It All Be Love

1. The Uptown Uptempo Woman
2. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
3. You
4. A Weekend In New England
5. Take My Hand
6.  Pistol Packin' Melody
7. Blue Street
05. The Woman on Your Arm.mp3

Band Of The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.320 Kbps

Pleasantly surprised by this one !!..expected a lot of "Oop Pah Pah" but NO..on some tracks they have the "Big Band" enjoy some "Beatles" tunes done a bit different !!

1. Yellow Submarine
2. Day Tripper
3. Penny Lane
4. The Fool On The Hill
5. A Hard Days Night 
6. Eleanor Rigby

1. Yesterday
2. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da
3. All My Loving
4. Can't Buy Me Love
5. Help
6. I'll Keep You Satisfied

10. Can't Buy Me Love.mp3