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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Crystal Gayle

Back pocket getting a bit bulky !!..still there is still plenty of room for classy lady singers like the above....Great picture !!...I always thought that she was a country and western singer and for a start she was then she decided toi change record labels and this L/P is one of the results...its a good one with some familar songs given a different treatment which I like !!

1. Why Have You Left The OneYou Left Me For
2. Heart Mender
3. Hello I Love You
4. Talking In Your Sleep
5. Painting This Old Town Blue
6. When I Dream

1. Don't Treat me like A Stranger
2. Too Good To Throw Away
3. Cry Me a River
4. Wayward Wind
5. Someday Soon
6. I Still Miss Someone 



espo said...

Enjoy !

Tanktop said...

Yes! Agreed with your assessment, Espo -- this is a beautiful album for any music lover:)
Thank you!