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Thursday, 22 June 2017


Re- Post requested by Marco

 A change of pace now back to the 80's with the "Super Group"....must admit that I have not took much notice of them over the years...still I should think everybody has heard of them !!!
And I did enjoy this one !!...."The Piper" is a great track they did manage to get a feeling of the "Bagpipes" which was cool !!!...And there is of course according to many experts on "ABBA" the track "The Winner Takes It All" that is supposed to be their best song that they have written !!....Musically Wise !!

It seems we have three extra tracks on this version !!!..supplied by Bob !! thanks for the extra's Bob !!...cheers...

1. Super Trooper
2. The Winner Takes It all 
3.  On And On And On
4. Andante Andante
5. Me And I

1. Happy New Year
2. Our Last Summer
3. The Piper
4. Lay All Your Love On Me
5. The Way Old Friends Do
6. Elaine
7. Andante Andante (Spanish Version)
8. Felicidad

08-The Piper.mp3

Joshua Rifkin.320 Kbps

  Now for something really REALLY I have said before I love the Old Joanna ! lets go back in time a bit and hear what our "Grandparents and maybe Great Grandparents" were listening to... "Scott Joplin" composed these "Piano Rags"between 1902 and 1909....He died in 1917 !!

This is the second Volume of "Scott Joplins Rags" that one or two of you have now you can enjoy 1 -2 -& 3 !!

1. Elite Syncopations
2. Eugenia
3. Leola
4. Rose Leaf Rag

1. Bethena
2.Paragon Rag
3. Solace
4. Pineapple Rag 

8. Pine Apple Rag.mp3