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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Emerson Lake & Palmer.320 Kbps

Plenty of "Percussion" "Organ" and "Synthesizers" on this one !!....Not To keen on it...But I think the front cover is a great piece of "Art" !!....not much gaps between tracks so recorded it as "Side 1" & "Side 2"

1. The Endless Enigma (Part. 1)
2. Fugue
3. The Endless Enigma (Part. 2) 
4. From The Begining
5. The Sheriff
6. Hoedown

1. Trilogy
2. Living Sin 
3. Abaddon's Bolero 


The Lettermen.320 Kbps


 Another one from the capable hands of the above !...a very nice gentle selection of songs all well known and very listenable !!!

 1. Put Away Your Teardrops
2. Time To Cry
3. Walk On By
4. Are You lonesome Tonight
5. Crying
6. Run To Him

1. She Cried
2. It's All In The Game
3. Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
4. Seventh Dawn Theme
5. Heartache Oh Heartache
6. Softly As I Leave You

Gene Pitney.320 Kbps

Compilation now from GP...most of his top hits with I imagine some of his "B"Sides !!

1. 24 Hours From Tulsa
2. That Girl Belongs To Yesterday
3. I Must Be Seeing Things
4. Looking Through The Eyes of Love
5. Princes in Rags
6. 24 Sycamore Street
7. Just One Smile
8. Somewhere in The Country
9. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
10. I'm Gonna Be Strong

1. Backstage
2. Something's Gotten Hold Of my Heart
3. True Love Never Runs Smooth
4. Not Responsible
5. Only Love Can Braek A Heart
6. Nobody needs Your love
7. I Wanna Love My life Away
8. Yesterday's Hero
9. Teardrop By Teardrop 
10. Town Without Pity

Boney M.320 Kbps


 Well now... love the first track on this L/P just the kind of track I would like to put on this blog as an intro !!! but don't know how to do that !!.....also have had a look on "Wikipedia" to find more about "Boney M"......Cripes! what a lot of info on there.....I knew that the "Front" people of this group there was only one singer that actually sang... the rest of then just "Mimed" (Lip Synced) and the founder and producer was the singer as well using all the technical gizmo's to get the "Boney M " sound !!!.....must have been a nightmare  on the so called "Live" performances....But the sound is great and I suppose that is really what is important !!

 1. Let It All Be Music
2. Gotta Go Home
3. Bye Bye Bluebird
4. Bahama Mama
5. Hold On I'm Coming
6. Two Of Us
7. Ribbons Of Blue

1. Oceans Of Fantasy
2. El Lute
3. No More Chain Gang
4. I'm Born Again
5. No Time To Lose
6. Calendar Song