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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Faye Richmonde this from the top shelf !!!...a "Double Entendre" feast !!!..and the voice is not too bad !!...cosidering the content !!....Maiden Aunts cover your ears !!!!
I hope that's not Kim Novak on the cover !!!

 Very interesting platter called Girlesque featuring Faye Richmonde on Davis records. The song titles are risque to say the least but more interestingly is the controversy surrounding the record when it came out in '58.
 Davis was charged with manufacturing off color disks specifically two LP's on Davis Records "For Men Only" and "Girlesque". However the jury listened to the records and after being out 12 hours returned with the not guilty verdict.



espo said...

Enjoy !

The Cheerful Earfull! said...

Thanks! This was one bawdy Faye that I didn't have! :)

Terry Peck said...

Don't know if this is allowed, but here is a link to some more risqué singing . . .

Sorry if I'm out of order - just it's quite fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

It's password-protected and no pass provided, so don't bother, Terry.

The name used to sign your blog posts. said...

Terry's post seems to be for the compilation enititled, "Bed Spring Poker: Meat in Motion 1926-1951" by various artists (2002).

After doing a reverse internet search on the files, only one website seems to have posted them and it's called "Zinhof -".

The password is:

The quality of the files are:
MP3s @320kBits, CBR & Joint Stereo.

Terry Peck said...

Yes, apologises about that, I cocked up ratherbadly. The password is indeed zinhof. Memo: must try harder.

Tanktop said...

Luigi, you naughty boy -- thank you! Good job you are tall enough to reach that top shelf;))

Terry -- in Canada, if we used "cocked up" and "harder" in the same sentence, it would be right in the spirit of this occasion!
Ta, and cheers!:)